• Important Dates in Carman-Ainsworth History


    Carman School District

    1837 School District #8 established

    1847 Carman School District established

    1955 Carman Park Elementary, Fenton Lawn Elementary*,

    Rankin Elementary*, and Van Slyke Elementary are

    built by the Carman School District

    1961 Ainsworth Senior High School* is built at a cost of


    1962 Gladys Hawkins Dillon Elementary School* is built


    Dye School District

    1949 The Graham and Dye School Districts consolidate

    1956 Dye Elementary School* is built by the Dye School


    1961 Randels Elementary School* is built by the Dye School



    Rankin School District

    1950’s The Rankin district splinters apart with pieces going

    to the Carman, Lake Fenton, Grand Blanc, and Swartz

    Creek districts. (exact history is unclear)


    Hoover School District

    1956 Lena Stalker Elementary School* is built by the Hoover

    School District


    Utley School District

    1957 Woodland Elementary School* is built by the Utley

    School District


    Carman School District (present-day boundaries)

    1961 On July 10th, voters approve the consolidation of the

    Hoover, Dye, and Utley school districts with the Carman

    School District.

    1967 Carman High School* is built.


    Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools

    1986 Carman School District changes its name to the Carman-

    Ainsworth Community Schools.

    1986 Reorganization of the district from two high schools,

    three middle schools and two distinct K-12 school

    communities into one unified K-12 system with one high

    school and one junior high school

    2002 Voters approved a $50 million modernization plan for all

    school facilities

    2007 Carman Park Elementary school is closed and combined

    with Rankin. The Carman Park-Baker Career Academy

    is opened and serves a unique niche of high school aged


    * Denotes a facility currently in use as a school