• HELLO again!

    Now that we are officially at the end of the school year I want to provide a few ideas to encourage you, both students and parents helping students, to plan to continue to improve your speech and language.  I believe there is always something each one of us can be working on to get better at.   At the end of every year I spend time with students encouraging them and providing ideas to independently work on their needed skills.  This not only is good for improving targeted goals from school, but helps them learn independence and how to work on a goal for the sake of self improvement.  

    1)  One of the main things I encourage ALL students is READ.  This can help students in many areas: reading fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, language receptive skills, as well as other potential subject areas.  Plan to read a little each day to get into the habit.  That could be 15 minutes a day to start out. Read short stories, articles, but especially books!  Our kids receive large amounts of digital media which often does not require the brain to engage.  TV, movies and gaming are entertainment and do little to stimulate our thought processes.

    2)  Play games: board games, card games, crossword and word search games.  Anything that engages your mind.  This doesn't always include video games which do not always require the brain to engage and problem solve, however there are apps which do provide this.  Free app examples are: Impulse Brain Training, Lumosity: Brain Training, word searches (such as CodyCross or Word Stacks), Sudoku, or search for brain games and find one that is right for you. 

    3)  Use any of the games listed on the "Online Language Games" page provided on my webpage  https://www.carman.k12.mi.us/Page/8471.

    4)  If  you are working to improve articulation or fluency, continue with the work I have provided and the speech games listed here on my "Speech webpage"  https://www.carman.k12.mi.us/Page/8510.  Also READ!  Read out loud watching for your sounds and practicing correct production and/or fluency.


    I hope this is helpful for continuing to grow over the summer.  I look forward to hearing what book(s) you read over the summer!

    Enjoy you break-

    Mrs. Henig