• Randels Elementary Student-Parent-TeacherCompact


    Our Vision: Randels is filled with RICHES. Relationships, aligned Instruction, Continuous improvement, High expectations, a needs fulfilling Environment, and a Safe place to learn.


    We know that learning can take place only when there is a combined effort between the home and school. We are all committed to helping each student’s progress in school. This agreement is a promise to work together. We believe that this agreement can be fulfilled with a team effort. Together we can improve teaching and learning.



    As a student, I will:

    • listen and work as hard as I can at school 
    • attend school every day (unless there is an an appointment) 
    • ask my teacher (&/or peers) questions when I do not understand something
    • try to read every day on my own and use technology appropriately
    • Respect and am kind to myself, others, and my school. Always do my best and am ready. Make responsible and safe choices. Show self-control. This is who I am even when no one is looking.    



    As a parent, I will:

    • talk with my child daily about school
    • send my child to school on time daily unless my child is sick (or has an appointment)
    • check on the progress of my child by communicating regularly with the teacher
    • participate in my child’s education and read every day
    • encourage learning at home, check my child’s folder/backpack daily and reinforce the school rules and expectations



    As a teacher, I will:

    • provide all students with high quality teaching, treat students fairly and with respect
    • provide a safe learning environment that individually challenges each child
    • encourage and accept the involvement of parents
    • provide appropriate texts and expose students to a variety of technology
    • work with students who learn at different rates and in different ways                  



    We have received and read the Elementary School handbook. Most importantly,we promise to help each other carry out this agreement.




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    Signed on this ________ day of _________________________, 2019.