March 17, 2020

    Hello Parents and Guardians,

    We are providing a list of websites that you can have your children access while the schools are closed. Please know that the following ideas are for enrichment only and will allow your child to continue strengthening their skills. We’ve been working electronically with our colleagues sharing resources to help provide more exposure to the curriculum content covered for the remainder of the year. When we return, it will give them exposure to the subjects being taught.

    Remind them that they are their own greatest investments; invest some time in themselves. No one can do the learning for them! They are worth the time! They will know who’s saying that :o)  Let them know we’re writing this chanting, “Show Us What You’re Working With!”

    Please let them know we miss them, hope they are well, and pray everyone stays safe!

    Mrs. Casault and Ms. Florida

    email for Mrs. Casault - kcasault@carmanainsworth.org

    email for Ms. Florida - tflorida@carmanainsworth.org

    Websites sign in:
    Student ID (lunch number):
    If your child does not know their number, please email one of us for it!

    Sign in (as student tab)
    School Code: mi574
    Username: Student ID #
    Passcode: Student ID #
    Click assignment icon

    BrainPop Jr.
    Username: dillon
    Password: dillon


    This website will allow great practice in building your child’s word bank! We have focused on the Dolch sight words in class. The students can read through the flash cards until mastered.

    you can get on this sight for free as a family; they have many leveled books and comprehension questions to keep the students engaged in reading

    BrainPop Jr.
    -    Main Idea
    -    Making Inferences
    -    Reading Nonfiction
    -    Facts and Opinions


    Since some students are working on sentences and some are working on paragraphs, we have included ideas for both. Feel free to have them do a “quick write” or “draw” on any topic that comes to mind, like “My Favorite Ice Cream”. Have your child remember to include capital letters and punctuation.

    BrainPop Jr.
    -Concept Maps
    -Writing a Paragraph
    -Writing with the 5 Senses

    education.com - this is a Free website that will help build writing skills. Type in “writing games” in the search bar and students will have a huge selection of games that they can play while working on skills such as sight words, nouns, verbs, and building sentences, etc



    BrainPop Jr.
    -    Lewis and Clark
    -    Thirteen Colonies
    -    Ruby Bridges
    -    Harriet Tubman

    This is a supplemental website that we use in social studies. Click on “History for Kids”. Then click on “Westward Movement”. This is where we left off before the closure. The students can browse, read, and even take quizzes on the subject matter.

    YouTube - Liberty Kids
    Episodes- these are related to the American Revolution

    MATH -

    McGraw ConnectED
    Online Connecting Math Concepts Textbook: This is the program we work from in class. We are working on getting this connected and linked to Ms. Florida's webpage.

    studyjams.scholastic.com- math tab
    -    Numbers
    -    Measurement
    -    Decimal & Percentage
    -    Multiplication and Division
    -    Addition and Subtraction

    BrainPop Jr.
    61 videos and quizzes that will benefit all!
    If they fly through the online Easy Quiz, have them challenge themselves by taking the online Hard Quiz.

    **COUNT MONEY!**
    Dig in those pockets, break open the banks, and have them look in the couch cushions (make it a game and get your living room picked up and they can unplug for a while at the same time!) Give them different combinations of coins to count. See if your child can tell you the name and give the value of each coin-penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. If they are counting with ease, begin having them make change from .50 cents to $1.00.

    -    click math
    -    click ebook
    -    click Kid’s Place

    -    Class code: UTYTNG
    -    Username: First name
    -    Passcode: Student ID#

    sheppardsoftware.com/math mathplayground.com/math-games


    Studyjams.scholastic.com-Science tab

    Energy Light and Sound
    -    Magnetism
    -    Sound
    -    Light
    -    Light Absorption, Reflection, and Refraction

    Force and Motion
    -    Simple Machines
    -    forces

    BrainPop Jr.
    -    Magnets
    -    Light
    -    Simple Machines
    -    Sound

    Youtube:SCIshow Kids
    -    Fun with Magnets!
    -    Fun with Bubbles!
    -    What is Sound?

    Youtube:Crash Course
    -    Magnetism: Crash Course Physics #32
    -    Sound: Sound: Crash Course Physics #18


    We hope that the above websites can help ease your worries during this difficult time. If you have any concerns or questions, please send us an e-mail. We are checking it daily. We are working on a place we can communicate with the kids. Please continue to check the district website for updates. Also, we encourage you to check our teacher pages for new information, links, and/or resources.

    Also, if your child has an IEP coming up in the near future, we will be contacting you via phone to see if you are willing to do a phone conference. We will have all of the necessary data and will be able to provide you with adequate progress notes and information from the whole team.

    Take Good Care,

    Mrs. Casault and Ms. Florida

    email for Mrs. Casault - kcasault@carmanainsworth.org

    email for Ms. Florida - tflorida@carmanainsworth.org


    C-A is not responsible for any content on any of these linked sites.