Environmental Biology


    Mrs. Herd

    Course Information

    Class meets in Room 307.

    Teacher Information

    Mrs. Herd;  kherd@carmanainsworth.org  


    Planning hour: No planning hour


    Students should have completed Chemistry and/or Physics with at least a B.

    Students must have earned at least a B in Biology.

    Course Description and Overview of Content

    In this course students will be learning actively engaged in activity and experience based learning.  The class is (funding permitted) field trip based.  The class will cover environmental objectives that affect our school and our community.  These objectives include the science of zoos, water quality testing, geo-caching, environmental impacts, recycling, and community involvement.

    Course Goal/ Intended Outcomes

    By the end of this course, students will have developed and implemented a community project which positively influences the school and/or the community.  Students will have a solid grasp of environmental impacts and concerns in the world and our community.  This is generally a senior level science class.

    Texts and/ or Other Materials

    Students will need to bring basic materials such as a notebook, writing utensil, and folder to class each day. Other optional materials include a three ring binder and colored pencils.

    Format and Activities

    Students will be expected to come to class prepared each day with required materials.  Homework will be assigned infrequently and will need to be completed on time. Daily lessons will vary in style, content, and manner in which they are taught. Students are asked to be open-minded, flexible, and to participate each day to the best of their ability.  The community project should be designed by the end of the fall semester and implemented by the end of the spring semester.

    Grading Practices and Procedures

    Grades are on a percentage scale based on total points. Throughout the semester, you will have many assignments (journal, homework, lab write-ups, research papers, etc.) that are each given a point value. The points earned are divided by the points possible to give you your percentage.

                                        100-93   A                             76-73     C

                                                    92-90     A-                            72-70     C-

                                                    89-87     B+                           69-67     D+

                                                    86-83     B                             66-63     D

                                                    82-80     B-                            62-60     D-

                                                    79-77     C+                           59-0       E

    The semester grade is determined by the following:

                    Marking Period 3: 80%

                    Semester Exam: 20%

    LATE WORK: Any work turned in late will not receive full credit (-20% per day). Late work will only be accepted until a unit test is given.

    Attendance/ Tardiness

    You must be in class on a daily basis if you expect to do well.  Some activities, like lab work and videos, are difficult to make up. 

    •Tardy- Please see your student handbook for specific information on the school policy.

    •An absence the day before the test does not excuse you from taking the test on the scheduled date, which is announced at least a week in advance.

    •If you are absent the day of the test, you have one week to make it up or you will earn a zero.

    •Whenever you are absent, it is your responsibility to gather all work to keep up with the class.  You have the number of days you were absent +1.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures

    Students are expected to behave in a respectful orderly manner at all times (respecting both themselves and others), which includes lab safety.  Students are also expected to come to class prepared with neat and legible assignments completed with their best efforts.

    Academic Integrity

    Cheating is strictly dealt with: both parties receive no credit for the assignment. Plagiarism will result in no credit for the assignment. See student handbook for additional information.

    Technology Usage

    We will be using the computer lab and/or chromebooks for research.  Students must have a signed AUP form for computer use at school.

    Other Comments

    Environmental Biology is an elective.  It requires self-discipline in behavior and academics.  Students in this class must take on learning as their own responsibility and have an interest in the community.