• Second Semester Worksheets

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    COURSE OVERVIEW-English 12 

    Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Ricketts

    Title of Course: English 12 

    Room Number: 111 


    Course Information: Full year course for seniors and for students who have successfully completed BOTH semesters of English 11. 

    Teacher Information: School Number: (810) 591-5480 

    School E-Mail Address: sricketts@carmanainsworth.org 

    Course Description and Overall Content: Student’s experiences will include college preparatory level reading, writing, speaking, listening, visualizing and language instruction. Vocabulary development, critical thinking, and literary analysis will be studied. Relationships between eras, cultures, politics, and thematic application to real life experiences are all emphasized. Technology skills are practiced and heavily used in this course. Students use and synthesize informational readings, literature, and multimedia. Readings range from classics, contemporary and ethnic literature with an emphasis on promoting fluency.    Course Goal and Intended Outcomes By the end of this course the student will: Demonstrate college entry level mastery of communication skills including reading, writing, listening and speaking. Demonstrate creative collaborative problem solving that is flexible, task orientated, demonstrates decision­ making skills, resolves conflicts, and is respectful to others, their culture and environment. Develop the skills to be strong in research. Demonstrate accountability for choices. Prepare technologically literate quality projects that demonstrate goal setting, organizational skills, self ­appraisal, and conscientious use of resources.    Students will demonstrate these outcomes by: Passing written essay quizzes and exams modeled after college board exams and courses. Presenting understanding in multiple ways: Short answer exams, cooperative learning presentations, projects, speeches and papers based on literary research. Learn and master the technique of literary analysis and other college level writing assignments. Preparing and complete four activist projects for the course, including a research paper. Preparing a Real World & Senior portfolio. Preparing and presenting an oral senior exit presentation based on the requirements of the EDP.    


    Instructional Text and Materials: The Activist Learner­ Jeff Wilhelm,Whitney Douglas and Sara W. Fry 

    Mechanically Inclined­ Jeff Anderson 

    Bird by Bird­ Anne Lamott 

    In the Best Interest of Students ­Kelly Gallagher 


    Required novels: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 

    Night by Elie Wiesel 

    Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston 

    The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien 

    The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger 


    Grading: The standard +/­ scale will be used for the course. 

    A=100 ­94  

    A­=93­ 90  

    B+=89­ 87  

    B=86­ 84  

    B­=83 ­80  

    C+=79 ­77 

    C=76 ­74  

    C­=73 ­70 

    D+=69 ­67  

    D=66 ­64  

    D­+63 ­60  

    59 or lower E    


    Grades for each term are accumulative. Please make reference to CAHS online services to keep track of grading on Fridays. Grades are updated bi­weekly or on an individual basis due to special needs. 


    Attendance/ Tardiness: Students are expected to be in class, on time, each day. All tardies are recorded and students are sent to the office on the fourth tardy.  Students will be sent to the office each time from the 4th tardy on. Class begins when the bell rings, which means each student needs to be seated when the bell rings. Attendance and tardiness are taken into account in the participation points of the class. Students may make up points in extra credit assignments. Absences and tardiness will be disciplined according to the Carman ­Ainsworth Student Handbook procedures.    


    Classroom Rules and Procedures: Every student is required to follow the Carman­ Ainsworth Student Handbook of Conduct. Along with the rules of the school, we have five important rules for writers to live by in this community. Both the handbook and the class rules are discussed in class. 

    1.       Come prepared to learn: This rule means for students to come on time for class and have all materials required for learning. This also included being on time to turn in major assignments, and turning in work on Blackboard/Safe Assign by required dates. Late assignments and missed deadlines are not acceptable and will not be accepted. 
    2.       Refrain from behavior that distracts from learning: Students are instructed to not cause a disturbance in the class. If there is a conflict of some kind please speak to the instructor so it can be handled in a proper fashion. Failure to uphold this rule will result in removal from the class and/or further disciplinary action. 
    3.       Every word and action must be done with respect: Disrespect to another student or the instructor will not be allowed. Everyone must speak in a respectful manner in class discussions and activities. Slurs or other demeaning words will not be tolerated at any time. 
    4.       Be Focused: It is the student’s responsibility to make sure to have a clear understanding of the working within the classroom.  There are many materials that can help students stay focused on being successful in this classroom. Students may make appointments after school, ask questions after class, check the online calendar, or email with concerns.    
    5.       Allow the instructor to teach: If students can follow the above rules and come with a mindset to have fun learning about the elements of English, students can leave feeling that they have learned something new that will benefit their lives.       


    Technology and Video Usage:    Each student is required to have a parent/caregiver sign an AUP, which allows him or her to use the technology available in the building. Students use different programs such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, and acceptable applications from smart phones, and the World Wide Web for many assignments.  If a student does not have computer access in his/her home, he/she may attend after school tutoring or use the computers in the school library or local public library. Each student also must have an account on google classroom using their school email address, which will be used for major assignments, classroom discussions, turning in assignments, and is the language arts plagiarism checking system.  Students will be required to have professional gmail account for use of email, Google Docs, and Google Drive for editing and sharing of information for the course. Lastly, videos are used periodically throughout the course. If a parent does not want his/her child to view certain videos in the class, please contact the instructor.


    Academic Integrity Any student who is caught cheating will receive a 0 (zero) for that assignment. Students who allow other students to copy their work are also considered cheating and will lose credit for the assignment.  A successful student will push to achieve their potential and not accept mediocrity. My job is to do all that I can to ensure success for each student. Students also will not be allowed to do work from other classes. If a student is caught doing or copying work from another class it will be confiscated and turned over to the teacher.    Students are to honor due dates for assignments, papers, projects. Due dates are created to keep fairness in the classroom. The instructor will give due dates for students to record in planners, assignments, etc, and it is the job of the student to remember and to turn in assignments on that date. Assignments that are not in the classroom at the beginning of the hour on a due date WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Students may make up points in extra credit assignments. Issues may be addressed with the instructor in a personal conference. 


    Mrs. Ricketts Classroom Procedures Procedures are a part of life. We follow procedures when we go to the movies, eat at a restaurant, or apply for a college or university. The reason we have procedures is so people can function in society knowing the proper and appropriate way to do things. Procedures can make things run more efficiently, help people to be more successful, and also make things safer. Think of what would happen if people didn’t follow the procedure at a stop sign or red light. This classroom also has its own set of procedures. These procedures help to establish our classroom culture. When everyone follows the procedures, our class becomes safer, calmer, and a better environment in which to learn. Although you may not remember them at first, please do your best to follow the procedures below.   Let’s all choose to have a great year! ­


    How to Enter the Classroom ** Please do not bang on the classroom if the door is closed. If I am not there, I will be shortly! If I am in the room, I am probably occupied with a personal matter (email, phone call, or prepping for class). Please knock ONCE and wait for a response. 


    When you come in, please do the following: 

    1. Come in calmly and quietly. 
    2. Put your materials at your assigned seat. 
    3. Get your binder and sharpen your pencil/get an ink pen. 
    4. Turn in any assignments that are due. 
    5. Read the day’s objective to see what we will be learning that day, complete bellwork presented on the front screen. 
    6. Be in your seat BEFORE the bell rings and wait patiently and quietly for class to begin. 


    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the work that you missed and see me for instructions. All tests and quizzes should be made up within five school days. Projects & papers are due on the date stated, even if you are absent. If you are absent, have someone bring in your project/paper or email the assignment. Again, projects and papers can NOT be turned in late. * When you are ready to hand in your complete absent work, please write ABSENT on the assignment and the date you missed. 


    Restroom: Students are expected to use the restroom before or after class. However, I understand that sometimes it will be necessary to go during class. Therefore, I will be giving each student 4 free bathroom passes for the semester. These may be used to go to the bathroom during class, as long as the teacher is not in the middle of teaching a lesson. At the end of the semester, any restroom passes remaining may be turned in for extra credit points. 


    Homework: There will be days that homework will be assigned for this class. Sometimes you will have a few minutes in class to complete it, but many times you are expected to complete this work at home. I expect all work to be placed in the appropriate tray or completed in your notebook by the beginning of the class it is due. Failure to complete your work (neatly) will result in lost points or credit. Your binder is your class “locker” it is your job to keep it organized. If you have any problems or concerns with you homework, please arrange a time to come meet with me. You may speak to me before or after school only. I will gladly help you if you ask for it! Please don’t leave anything blank and then say you wanted to ask a question. Once it has been turned in, I will assume that you do not have any questions on the assignment. Some assignments will need to be completed on the computer. If you do not have access to a computer at home and are unable to complete the work in class, please let me know! I will make arrangements for you to come in before or after school to complete the assignment. Not having a computer or not having Internet will not be an excuse for completing work. Remember, you can always come do it before or after school. You will be required to have a professional gmail for this course, and you will use Google Drive, Google Docs, and google classroom. 


    Sharpening a Pencil: Please sharpen pencils before class begins. If necessary, you may sharpen your pencils during class but not while the teacher is speaking. Use your own judgment to determine a good time.  Only one student at a time is allowed at the pencil sharpener. 


    When the Teacher Wants Your Attention: When I want your attention, I will: ● Stand in front of the class ● Give a verbal cue that I am ready to begin ● Wait for everyone to be quiet ● Begin instruction 


    When You Want the Teacher’s Attention: If you need to get the teacher’s attention, raise your hand and patiently wait for her to respond. If you are sick or it is an emergency, you may interrupt the teacher if she is speaking. 


    How to Set Up a Paper: Each paper must have five things in the top left­hand corner. 

    1. Your first and last name 
    2. My name spelled correctly: Mrs. Ricketts 
    3. The class period ­Hour 
    4. Date (Day­Month­Year) 
    5. The assignment  (Example: 1.1 Section Review Questions) 


    If You Finish Your Work Early: If you finish your work before others are done, there are several things that you may do. ● First, check to make sure that you followed all directions and completed the entire assignment and to the best of your ability. Yes, there may be a back side to the paper! ● Read quietly. ● Complete extra credit,Speak to your instructor for other options 


    Technology usage: Because this class relies heavily on technology, there will be many days in which we are using the computers and some with use of smart phones. However, there will be others in which we do not. The following procedures are expected to be followed while using the computers: ● Phones are only used for class with the instructor's permission. There is no need for them to be seen unless they are part of the lesson. Put them away. Don't touch them. Don't set yourself up for the phone to be taken away. ● Only use the computer to complete tasks given to you by your teacher. This is not a free computer time.  We are using them as educational tools. ● Treat the materials with respect. The mice and keyboards are not toys. They are tools. If you cannot leave them alone, you will have to try to complete the classwork without them. ● Do not use the computer while the teacher is talking. ● Leave them ALONE if we are not using them. ● Always, always, always LOG OUT and SAVE YOUR WORK!!! Before you leave the classroom 


    Do the following everyday before leaving the room: 

    1. Make sure you have copied the homework down in a planner (even if you are done) 
    2. Clean up your materials and area 
    3. Put everything in your bag and take it with you. 
    4. Say goodbye to Mrs. Ricketts. I will miss you while you're gone. 


    Google Classroom: I have a classroom setup online in which I will have listed the major units of the class, as well as other items of interest. I have many links that will be beneficial to our class. I may also post articles, links, videos, etc. that I wish for you to read and view. Please get in the habit of checking the classroom site to get news and info about the class. 


    Class Participation Points: I will be using class participation points to monitor behavior in the classroom. For the positive behaviors you display, such as completing homework, working cooperatively, being active in classroom discussions, being on time for class, you will be awarded points in the gradebook. When you fail to follow procedures or meet expectations, points will be taken from you. Points can be made up with extra credit.