C-A Instrumental Music

    Milissa Kenworthy
    7th Grade Band


    Classroom Supplies

    Three ring binder with pockets
    Instrument Supplies as required (reeds, oil, etc)
    Music as assigned

    Grading Policy

    Concerts - 50%

    Rehearsal techniques/Test/Other work- 50%


    Concerts are considered part of the class requirement for band. Good communication can help prevent misunderstandings. All performances are required. Performance absences may be excused in the event of a family death or severe illness.
       Written notices, are required for all absences and tardies.
       Students who were present at school on the day preceding and/or the day following an after-school activity will not receive an excused absence without a doctor's excuse
    Please communicate directly with us if there are individual or unusual circumstance occurs. Unexcused absences affect the morale of the entire group.

    Concert Dress

    Students will need a white collared dress shirt, black pants and black shoes and black socks. Students will be issued a vest. Vests must be turned in at the end of the school year. If a vest is lost or destroyed, a $40.00 replacement fee will be charged.

    Women may wear skirts. However, skirts must fall below the knee when the student is seated.

    Students that need help obtaining the proper uniform should contact their teacher at least one week prior to the performance. Students who show up to a performance dressed in an inappropriate manner may not be allowed to perform.

    Rehearsal Behavior

    Students are expected to be in the classroom when the bell rings. They are to be in their seats with instrument and music out by 4 minutes after the bell. Each student is expected to have a sharpened pencil out and ready to go at the beginning of rehearsal. Students may not leave the classroom without permission.
    Students are expected to stay on task during the entire class period. Talking and extraneous noise from instruments and other sources will not be tolerated. Students are expected to exhibit professionalism in all rehearsals.

    Rehearsal Techniques/Tests

    Students receive daily points for rehearsal work. Student will be graded on the following items.

    Proper marking of music (pencil)
    Reading of music (students must have their copy of the music at all times)
    Knowledge of music
    Missing Instrument/not performing during rehearsal: 0 points for the day. (Each student will be allowed 1 excused miss.)

    Written tests, playing tests and other assignments will be given over the course of the year. They may be announced or unannounced. Assessments will include playing assessments, music vocabulary and music theory.

    Care of Music

    All students will be issued one piece of music per song. Everyone is to have their music at all times. Music will be kept in a three ring binder. Binder/music check may happen at any time.
    Music must be marked in pencil only.
    Students will be charged a replacement cost for lost music.
    Students should bring all music to every rehearsal and performance. Do not trust your stand partner to have music.

    Care of Instruments

    Students are encouraged to purchase their own instruments. All students are responsible for the care of their instrument.

    Students will be assigned a locker or space for their instrument. Students are expected to keep their locker and instrument storage room clean.

    All instruments must have the name of the student clearly marked on the outside of the case. Any damage incurred to an instrument due to negligence is the responsibility of the student.

    Our Room

    Food and beverages do not belong in the rehearsal area. Bottled water will be permitted as long as you clean up your own mess.

    If you make the mess, clean it up. Better yet, do the right thing and clean it up, even if you didn't make the mess!

    Make-up, combs, etc do not belong in the rehearsal room.

    Do not draw, write or deface the walls, chairs, stand or any equipment in the room.

    Please do not draw on classroom boards.