• General Classroom Rules


    • Come to class prepared with all your materials at hand and ready to use.
    • No food or drink is allowed in the classroom at any time.
    • The use of all electronics and cell phones is prohibited inside the classroom.
    • Please, always remove your earphones before you enter the classroom.



    Each student is allowed only 4 hall passes per semester. All passes must have a destination, the exact time you leave and my signature, so if you need to leave the room, raise your hand quietly and I will sign a written pass for you. This does not include emergency passes. An emergency pass will be hanging in the classroom. This should not be used unless you need to exit the room as quickly as possible as it is not considered a written pass by your teacher.


    Class Work:


    Class work is usually given two grades: one is for the actual assignment, and the other is for your conduct, attentiveness and participation during the assignment (participation). The two grades are added together for the final assignment grade. This applies to most classroom assignments regardless of their nature.


    How can I receive good credit for doing my assignment?


    In addition to putting forth your best effort, you should


    • Follow instructions and stay on task.
    • Raise your hand when you need help and patiently wait for the teacher to come to your aid.
    • Do not distract, disrupt or patronize others who are trying to do their work.
    • Have all your materials ready and at your dispense at all times.
    • Work alone unless you are assigned to a group; I want to see your work- not your neighbor’s.
    • Do not do work from another class when you should be working on your assignment.




    All homework assignments (including any unfinished classroom assignments) are due the next day unless otherwise specified. All homework assignments should be turned in at the beginning of class during our warm- up activities. If you do not have your homework ready the first five minutes of class, you will risk losing all or partial credit. If you come in late, place your homework in the assigned box on my desk.


    Writing Assignments:


    All in- class essays are due at the end of the hour unless otherwise specified.


    What are participation points and how can I earn them?


    You can earn participation by raising your hand and participating in classroom discussions; you can also gain points by completing assignments labeled as participation credit.


    Will I be allowed to finish my homework during class?


    The answer is: absolutely not. If you make the unfortunate choice of working on your homework during instruction or any other time during class, you will receive an automatic “E” on that assignment. It would be far better to speak to the teacher or lose points for being late then fail the assignment for lack of respect for class time.


    May I work on an assignment from another class?


    Yes. Whenever you finish an assignment early and satisfactorily, you have the option of either working on an assignment from another class, or reading a book, but first you must


    • Ask the teacher to check your completed work
    • Ask the teacher permission to move on to the extra task.




    Cheating or plagiarizing of any kind will never, ever, ever, ever, be tolerated. Period.


    What do I do if I’m tardy?


    • Knock once and wait quietly at the door. Do not continue knock or try to draw our attention. We will see you and welcome you in.
    • Please review the school wide policies for tardy rules in your student handbook. I will be applying those same policies in our classroom.


    What do I do if I’m absent?


    Missing assignments will be available on our Google Classroom website. Occasionally you will need more information than a missing worksheet if you have been absent. If you are absent on the day of a quiz or a test, you will not be able to receive credit for it unless you have a doctor’s note or I get a phone call from your parent. This applies to pop quizzes also. If you are absent on a day in which you are assigned a group project, you will risk losing credit for that project. Please follow the instructions below when requesting homework:


    • Come after school or during my planning hour to request your work.
    • Email or call me, and I will respond to your questions by the end of that same day.
    • Do not interrupt a lesson to ask for your missing work.
    • Do not come to my desk at the beginning of class.
    • Do not come to my desk at the end of class unless your hour is directly followed by our lunch break.




    Books will be assigned to you directly from the media center. You will not be able to check out a book without a student ID, nor will I be able to check one out for you under my name.  It will be your responsibility to personally return any books directly to the media center once you have finished with them. The teacher will not be responsible for any books left in the classroom or for turning in your book.  Please be diligent in taking care of your books and returning them.  No one wants to pay book fines at the end of the year!

    Yes, I have read the rules, and I understand the consequences of breaking one or more of these rules. I know that I am here to enjoy my learning experience as much as possible and reap as many benefits as I can for myself from one class. I recognize that it is my job to make sure that my friends and classmates get that same opportunity.


    Student Signature: ____________________


    Yes, I have reviewed the classroom rules with my child.


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