• Breakfast Program

    Mornings can be really crazy and sometimes there is no time for your student to eat at home. Please be aware that we serve breakfast in every school building. A nutritious school breakfast helps student be more alert so they can focus in class. It also provides the vitamins and nutrients for a strong and healthy body. See below for your school’s breakfast serving times.

    Elementary Schools                                                  

    Dillon - 8:05 am                                  

    Dye - 8:05 am                                  

    Randels - 8:35 am                                 

    Rankin - 8:35 am


    Secondary Schools

    Middle - 7:35 am

    High - 7:00 am

    Atlantis - 7:10 am


    Lunch Program

    Our Child Nutrition Program provides a variety of nutritious meals daily. Elementary students may choose one of two entrées offered along with fruit and vegetable choice of which they must take one to made a meal. Middle school has five options that are available daily as well as the two offering of the day, while the high school has nine options daily as well as the two to three menu items of the day.