• Course Overview

    Title of Course: CI Math

    Teacher’s Name: Ms. Florida

    Course Information: 1st hour and 3rd hour

    Teacher Information: Room 907. 2nd hour – Planning hour: 8:55 – 10:50

    Teacher Phone: 810-591-6289

    Teacher email: tflorida@carmanainsworth.org

    Prerequisite(s): For 8th graders; Successful completion of 7th grade Math Concepts. For 7th graders: Successful completion of 6th grade Math Concepts. For 6th graders: N/A.

    Course Description and Overview of Content:

    Students will learn a variety of Math Concepts that align with the Michigan Extended Grade Level Content Expectations. Many of the following topics will be covered this year:

    • Read, write, express and count whole numbers to 10,000 (7th / 8th grade is to 100,000)
    • Simple patterning including patterning that involves data
    • Add/Subtract one and two digit numbers with regrouping (7th / 8th grade three digits)
    • Problem Solving and estimation
    • Solve simple number sentences for addition and subtraction
    • Multiplication and Division (6th grade limited)
    • Solving one and two step word problems
    • Time
    • Temperature (Fahrenheit)
    • Measurement
    • Simple Fractions
    • Read data from various graphs and tables
    • Money

    Course Goal/Intended Outcomes:

    Students will be exposed to grade level concepts but will also be working at an individualized pace with an individualized curriculum. Students will be making progress towards their goals and objectives.


    Texts and/or Other Materials:  

    • Teacher created materials
    • Educational Websites
    • Notes/Activities
    • Individualized/Small Group Activities

    Format and Activities:


    • Mini Lessons
    • Direct Instruction
    • Group Activities
    • Class Discussion
    • Small Group
    • Electronic Media

    Grading Practices and Procedures:

    Grades will be based on the following:

    • Completion of daily class work/homework
    • Classroom-based Assessments
    • Projects (Group and Individual)
    • Class participation, daily effort, attitude and behavior
    • Progress Towards IEP Goals and Objectives


    Students are expected to be in their seat working when the bell rings. If not, they will be considered tardy. After the 4th and 8th tardiness, student will be referred for disciplinary action as per the student handbook.

    In order to guarantee that the student receives the appropriate instruction, it is important that students come to school on a daily basis. All absences must be excused by the parent or guardian via phone call or note to the attendance office. If the absence is excused, the student will be permitted to make up the missing work at home on their own time. Please see the student handbook for more details on the procedures.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures:

    Students are expected to come prepared to class on time every day. Work needs to be turned in on time. All materials must be present each day. Also, it is imperative that every student and adult is respected in the classroom. Students will realize that each and everyone require different learning styles and may learn at a different pace. Students will be given time in class to complete ability-appropriate work. If the work is not finished, it will be taken home to complete and turned in the next day for full credit.

    All rules from the student handbook will be enforced.


    Academic Integrity:

    Students are expected to complete their own work and turn it in on time. Cheating or plagiarism will result in zero credit for individuals involved.

    Technology Usage:

    Computers are available for students to use in the school setting. An AUP must be signed and on file in order for the student to utilize them. There are computers in the classroom and computer labs for the students to utilize. Any misuse of computers will result in the loss of privileges, and if damage occurs, disciplinary action will occur.


    “Mathematics is a more powerful instrument of knowledge than any other that has been bequeathed to us by human agency.”