• Welcome to Mrs. Bartkovich's classroom. The following are my expectations and a brief look at what we will be working on this year.


    Make sure you come to class prepared:

    • Paper
    • Pencil/pen
    • Classroom book
    • Homework (due at the beginning of the hour
    • IDR book

    Turn in all work on time. If you have missing assignments; the only way to receive partial credit is to go to Saturday School, or get a parent Signature.

    If you are in ISS the day an assignment is due; I will send someone down to collect the work from you. You will not be able to leave ISS to get it from your locker; so make sure you have it with you.

    You will be marked TARDY if you are not sitting in your seat when the bell rings.

    Bathroom/Locker passes – you get 4 per Semester

    NO Cell Phones – it MUST be in your locker at all times.

    If your name ends up on a Sub Note for a behavior issue; you will automatically receive a write-up!