• Course Overview

    Title of Course: CI Language Arts

    Teacher’s Name: Ms. Casault

    Course Information: Grade: 6-8; Hours 1st and 3rd; Room Number 822; Full Year: 1 Credit

    Teacher Information: Planning hour is from 1:55 – 2:51 (6th hour)

    Teacher Phone: 810-591-6285

    Teacher email: kcasault@carmanainsworth.org

    Prerequisite(s): For 8th graders; Successful completion of 7th grade Language Arts. For 7th graders: Successful completion of 6th grade Language Arts. For 6th graders: N/A.

    Course Description and Overview of Content:

    Based on student IEP Goals and Objectives, participants will cover many/all of the following concepts:

    • Grammar and usage
    • Paragraph and letter writing (writing process)
    • Editing/proofreading
    • Proper capitalization and punctuation
    • Basic word processing
    • Story elements (plot, setting, characters, and main idea)
    • Comprehension strategies
    • Fiction/nonfiction
    • Predictions/Summarizing
    • Building reading fluency
    • Answer comprehension questions about oral and written material
    • Spelling
    • Word study
    • Handwriting

    Course Goal/Intended Outcomes:

    Based on the Extended Grade-Level Content Expectations, students will be working at an individual pace with an individualized curriculum. Students will be making progress towards their goals and objectives in the area of written language and reading. The intended outcome is to see the student reach his/her objective(s) with the projected accuracy.


    Texts and/or Other Materials:  

    • Teacher Created Documents/Materials
    • Journals
    • Individualized/Small Group Packets
    • Computers/Media Center
    • Books and Magazines
    • Weekly spelling list
    • Successmaker
    • Graphic Organizers
    • A to Z Reading

    Format and Activities:

    • One-on-One Direct Instruction
    • Small Group/Whole Group Instruction
    • Learning Games to enhance and enrich skills
    • Computers
    • Role plays and skits
    • Book Reports

    Grading Practices and Procedures:

    Grades will be formulated using the following methods:

    • Completion of daily class work/homework
    • Classroom-based assessments
    • Projects (Group and Individual)
    • Class Participation/Daily Effort/Attitude and Behavior
    • Progress Towards IEP Goals and Objectives


    Students should be in the classroom by the time the warning bell rings and must be in their seat when the next bell rings. After the 4th tardy to class, the student will be referred to the office for disciplinary action.

    In order to guarantee that the student receives the appropriate instruction, it is important that students come to school on a daily basis. All absences must be excused by the parent or guardian via phone call or note to the attendance office. If the absence is excused, the student will be able to make up the missing assignment at home on their own time. Please see the student handbook for more details on procedures.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures:

    The CA ROCKS will be the guidelines for our classroom rules. This can be found in the handbook. Within our classroom, students will be in charge of monitoring their own behavior on an hourly basis. In addition, it is imperative that every student and adult is respected in the classroom. Students will realize that each and everyone require different styles of learning and may learn at a different pace. All assignments will be turned in on time. Students will be given time in class to complete ability-appropriate work. If the work is not finished, it will be taken home and returned the next day in order to receive full credit.

    Academic Integrity:

    All students must complete their own work. Cheating, or having another individual complete the work for them, will result in disciplinary action and may result in loss of credit.

    Technology Usage:

    There are computers in the classroom in which the students will have access. Any misuse of computers will result in loss of privileges, and if damage occurs, disciplinary action will be taken.