Current Events

    Marking Period Project #3

    Half-Year in Review

    Pictorial Essay 



    To gain a better understanding of how pictures tell the story of our history.



    · Find twenty photos that relate to current events or have a current perspective. 


    · The first page, after the cover page, should be an abstract (a summary of the project).  The abstract should include a summary of what you have learned, new perspectives that you have gained, ideas you have about current events  and the media, and a general overview of your project.


    · Summarize each picture, describe how it relates the event, and include a critique of the event (your opinion). Make sure the name of the periodical, the date, and the photographer from which you are getting your information is included in the summary.


    · Submit the project to Blackboard.


    · The Cover Page should include the Title of the Project, Student’s Name, Teacher’s Name (Mr. Dupuis), Subject/Hour, and Due Date.


    ·Remember to document your sources!


    DUE DATE:  13 May 2019


    All pictures must be from 2019.