• Current Events Media Log



    To gain a better understanding of how current events apply to the study of current events.



    ·Find and cut out twenty articles from periodicals (magazines or newspapers) that relate to the following perspectives.  You should have two (2) articles from each of the following areas:

    - Flint Issues

    - Flint Politics

    - Michigan Issues

    - Michigan Politics 

    - US Issues

    - US Politics                    

    - World Issues

    - World Politics                                 

    - Science Issues

    - Sports Issues


    · The Cover Page should include the Title of the Project, Student’s Name, Teacher’s Name (Mr. Dupuis), Subject/Hour, and Due Date.


    · The first page, after the cover page, should be an abstract (a summary of the project).   The abstract should be one page long and include a summary of what you have learned, new sociological perspectives that you have gained, ideas you have about sociology and the media, and a general overview of your project.


    · Summarize each article, describe how it relates to the above-mentioned area, and include a Response of the article (your opinion). Make sure the name of the periodical, the date, and the author of the article from which you are getting your information is included in the summary if those details are not present on the article.

    You should also put a title on the top of the page (example; Michigan Politics or Sports Issues) and organize the binder in the above order.


    · Submit though Blackboard.


    · Remember to document your sources!


    DUE DATE:  12 April 2019