• Mrs. J. Hartman



    World History – 11th  Grade

    Full Year - One Credit


    This course will survey major events in World history and geography concentrating on the eras from 300-1500 C.E./A.D. to the present. World History takes a global and comparative approach to studying the world and its past to develop greater understanding of the development of worldwide events, processes, and interactions among the world’s people, cultures, societies, and environment.

    Students will be able to understand, analyze, and interpret worldwide movements, events, spatial patterns, and dynamic processes that shape the world in which we live.

    The textbook students will use is World History – Pearson/Prentice Hall.

    The content of World History is based on the Michigan Department of Education’s High School Social Studies Content Expectations. The following content will be studied:

    Foundations Review

                            Beginnings to 650 C.E./A.D.

    Expanding and Intensified Hemispheric Interactions

                            300-1500 C.E./A.D.

    The Emergence of the First Global Age

                            15th to 18th Centuries

                An Age of Global Revolutions

                            18th Century – 1914

                Global Crisis and Achievement


                The Cold War and Its Aftermath

                            The 20th Century Since 1945

                Contemporary Global Issues


    A complete outline and description of content is available at the Michigan Department of Education’s website.


    At the center of this course will be the student's interactive notebook that will contain class notes, graphs, charts, diagrams, personal responses, pictures and many creative entries. This notebook will be collected and graded approximately every two weeks and will constitute a large portion of the grade in this class. Students need a large spiral notebook with pockets for this class.

     ·         When absent, it is the student's responsibility to check the assignment book for missed work.

    ·         Assignments more than one week late will not be accepted for credit.

    ·         Tests not made up within one week will be given a score of zero.

    Students are expected to practice consistent and courteous behavior at all times.  No one will be allowed to disrupt the learning process of anyone else.

    Cell phones, MP3 players, music, game or other electronic devices must be off and kept inside book bags while in class. Students not complying with this will have their device taken away and a parent will be required to pick it up in the main office. No exceptions.

    Plagiarism, copying, or cheating will not be tolerated. A score of zero will be given with no chance to make up the grade.

    All students must have a signed "Acceptable Use Practices" (AUP) on file in the media center.

    This course seeks to comply with the recommended guidelines and concepts in:

    ·         State of Michigan - High School Content Expectations

    ·         National Standards and Benchmarks

    ·         Carman-Ainsworth Performance and Exit Behaviors

    ·         Core Democratic Values