• Da Eye & Ear Project


    • Create a 3D cross section of the human eye & ear

              Color code, label, & illustrate correctly 

                   the eye & ear   extra credit the human tongue (be sure to include the papillae) 




    Cornea      Iris             Pupil          Lens


    Retina       Rods          Cones        Fovea centralis


    Blind spot           Optic nerve       





    External ear:  Auditory canal                 Tympanic membrane (Ear drum)  


    Middle Ear:  Hammer           Anvil          Stirrup              


    Internal Ear:  Semicircular canals    Cochlea    Auditory nerve   


    Estuation tube 


    • Finally, submit a document to Blackboard explaining the function of each component of the eye, ear, & tongue above that includes a cover page, abstract describing what you learned (150 words or more) w/a Key words line, & a three paragraph paper that is divided into the three subheadings (eye, ear, & tongue).                   

    You may use just about any medium to create these eyes & ears.  In the past students have constructed their projects from clay, play-dough, carved Styrofoam, Crayola Model Magic, and foods.






    Running head:  TITLE OF YOUR PAPER                                                                                             1 







                                                                Title of Your Paper


                                                                    Your Name


                                                             Carman-Ainsworth High





                                                  (Insert Page Break)                                    

    TITLE OF YOUR PAPER                                                                                                        2


        The abstract should a 150 words long & is the summary of the paper.  The abstract should include a summary of what you have learned, new psychological perspectives that you have gained and a general overview of your paper.

    Key words: 


                                                         (Insert Page Break ) 

    TITLE OF YOUR PAPER                                                                                                                  3

    Your actual paper in paragraph form.... including in text citations (Kasschau, 2001) & divided in three parts w/subheadings for the eye (be sure o include the visual coxtex and the occipital lobe), ear (be sure to include the auditory cortex and the temporal lobe), & tongue (be sure to include the papillae).



                              (Insert Page Break )

    TITLE OF YOUR PAPER                                                                                                                   6 


    Author, A. A. (Year, Month Day). Title of article. Title of Newspaper. 

              Retrieved from http://www.someaddress.com/full/url


    Kasschau, R.A. (2001) Understanding Psychology. Columbus, OH: Glencoe