Michigan History


    Mr. Iseler (Ice-ler)

    Course Information

    Grades 9-12

    One semester/One-half credit

    Teacher Information

    Room 529,

    School phone: Mr. Iseler, 810-591-6288 (5th hour planning) E-mail: riseler@carmanainsworth.org.



    Course Description and Overview of Content

    In this class we will take an in-depth look at the history and geography of Michigan. Topics will include the Native Americans, French, and British in Michigan, the history of major industries, the rise of Detroit, the path to statehood, Michigan's role in various wars and the numerous individuals who played a role in the history of our State.

    Course Goal/ Intended Outcomes

    By the end of this course students:

    — will be able to pass a comprehensive exam on the basic concepts and facts from the State of Michigan Standards and Benchmarks.

    —will meet the performance and exit behaviors set forth by the Carman-Ainsworth School District.

    —will understand the meaning of and concepts behind Core Democratic Values.

    —will be able to identify and explain the significant events and people that shaped the development of Michigan as a State.

    Texts and/ or Other Materials

    Student Textbook: Forging the Peninsulas. By David B. McConnnell.

    -8 ½ x 11 notebook of at least 150 pages

    -Pens and Pencils


    -Colored pencils

    Format and Activities

    Lecture, cooperative learning, silent reading, guided reading, guided viewing, hands on activities, etc. *Students are required to glue all assignments and projects throughout the semester in an Interactive Notebook.

    Grading Practices and Procedures

    Students will be graded by the following breakdown during each of the three marking periods: 50% tests; 35% homework, quizzes, projects; 15% weekly participation grade. Final exam is worth 20% of semester grade. Students are expected to hand in assignments when due.

    Late policy:

    1.    Projects will be marked down 50% if not turned in by the due date, so if you are going to be absent (excused or unexcused, it does not matter) on the due date turn it in early, send it with a friend, or find a way to get it here on time. Late projects will only be accepted 1 week before receiving a zero.

    2.    Any other late work will only be accepted for 1 day. The most credit you can receive on this late work is 50%. It along with makeup work is to be handed in at the END of the hour.

    3.    If a student is absent the day a test or quiz is given the student will make it up the day the student returns from being absent. They will make it up during class time.


    Attendance/ Tardiness

    Absences: You are expected to be in class every day. It is the student’s responsibility to get their missed work. Before class: 1. Check board 2. Check absence folder 3. Check with up to 3 students before seeing Mr. Iseler near the END of the hour if you have questions about missed work. The student will have one day plus one to make up the work, as per the Student Handbook.

    Tardies: You must be in your assigned seat when the bell begins to ring. The fourth tardy and every tardy after eight equals a referral to the office.

    Weekly Participation Grade (15% of marking period grade): Each tardy will disqualify you from that day’s 5 participation points. Other disqualifications include not following class rules (see below); not bringing textbook, notebook, pen/pencil to class daily; not making an effort to participate.  Discipline referrals to main office result in student losing all participation points for that week.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures

    As well as the guidelines in the Student Handbook, I expect that you will follow these simple rules:

    1.     Be Focused! (stay on task… work, don’t talk)

    2.     Be Ready! (in your seat, pencil sharp, materials ready when bell rings)

    3.     Be Respectful! (to the classroom…No Gum, No Food, No Candy, No Drinks, No Electronics…the people, and their opinions)

    4.     Let the teacher teach from bell to bell!

    These simple rules will be enforced and added to if necessary!

    Hall passes: Students are expected to be in class for the entire class period. However, each student will receive up to 2 emergency passes per marking period to be used for the restroom, drinking fountain, or to go to their locker. No other passes will be issued. Passes are to be returned to the teacher upon entering the room after they are used. Each unused pass is worth 10 extra credit points (for your weekly participation grade) at the end of the marking period.

    Academic Integrity

    Plagiarism, copying, cheating, or being an accessory to plagiarism, copying, or cheating will NOT be tolerated and a Zero will be given to all parties with no chance of make up.

    Technology Usage

    All students must have a signed “Acceptable Use Practices” AUP on file in the media center.



    From both Student and Parent/Guardian

    (Information in this box is due ON Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014, 5 point assignment.)


    Student name (print) _________________________


    Parent/Guardian signature (stating Parent/Guardian read this document)



    List 2 phone numbers Parent/Guardian can be reached at during the school day:



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