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    • You can visit websites in other countries by using the Country Code and typing it in after your search like you did in your google search for education websites. For example if you wanted to see some educational web sites about the Revolutionary War from the point of view of the British you would type (in the google search bar): "Revolutionary War" site:uk

    • You could even copy and paste what ever I have posted on this website right into google. Note that this will not work with other search engines but they do have similar commands.

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    • Everyday Math Quick Link
    • This is a link to the EDM log in page.- CA elementary students have an account with Everyday Math online. There are many educational resources at the site including interactive games. 
    • www.multiplication.com - This is an awesome website that really makes learning your times tables a blast. They have flash cards and plenty of cool games for all levels of mathematicians.
    • Math Baseball This site is one of my favorite sites for practicing your math facts.
    • Online Math Dictionary - This is a really cool online math dictionary that incorporates an interactive media tools. For instance you can not only look up the word abacus you can use an online version of an abacus.

    • Interactive Math - This site has all kinds of manipulates for kids of all ages.

    • Washington DC - A virtual tour of the US Capital.

    • Eqypt This is the web site recommended by our Everyday Math Book.

    • MATH RELIEF This site is one of the best math sites I have seen in a few years. This site can help your son or daughter with their math homework from k-7. It was also amazing how many students already know how to use this site.

    • Math games from the UK - This site has a host fun games. Keep in mind this site is located in the UK so some of the terms are different.

    • I love the resources of this site- This site contains videos, lessons, and games for fourth graders. This site works as a great resource for understanding study island concepts. It sorts games by math concepts covered.
    • Math Resource- This is a cool website for teachers and students with a variety of cool activities.
    • Cool Curriculum Math - This is a neat site that helps students understand math by standard.
    • Lattice Method Link - Here I give a demonstration on How to use the Lattice Method.



    • Super Science- In science, we sometimes read from this magazine. The magazine is has cool science connections to what are covering (or have covered) in the classroom. 
    • Environmental - This is a cool site that has all kinds of fun games for kids that relate to water conservation, ecosystems, human health , and recycling.
    • www.africam.com - We have been learning about animal classification in science. We have been able to visit animals of the African Savannah live at this website.
    • Mount Vesuvius web cam - see the volcano that erupted in 79 AD and is predicted to erupt again every 2,000 years.

    • Bay City We have gone to the state park in Bay City and enjoyed many outdoor activities. This is a link to the DNR's website. You can find national parks and locate different parks around the state.

    • Isaac's Storm This site is dedicated to the "Storm of 1900." This storm was one of the worst hurricanes to hit the America's. It taught us a lot about how to prepare for bad weather.

    • Weather.com - This is a site that can give you an hour by hour weather report 24 hours a day anywhere in the U.S.

    • Earth View- View the Earth in all of its magnificent glory from space, in real time. This link is out of this world literally. You can view real time pictures of Earth's unnatural lights at night. Looking at these cities, from space, at night, is a wonderful sight.
    • Food Pyramid - Here is a link to help student make healthy choices. This is a fun game Mrs. Keenan, our PE-Nut specialist, recommended.
    • Gone Fishing - In fourth grade we use a specimen collection device (fishing pole) to gather a variety of different vertebrates when take a field trip to the Linden Mill Pond. Then we classify them in to groups according to their characteristics. We use this link to help prepare our understanding of the aquatic ecosystem. This is a neat and valuable resource.
    • Facts About Fish This goes with one of the web quest activities we do in the classroom.
    • Series simulator -this is a more specific page from the amazing simulations link. Students use this simulator to create a circuit.
    • Properties of matter- This page has many links including videos about chemistry.
    • Consumers Energy -Here is a link to some fun activities offered by consumers energy. This relates to the magnets electricity unit covered in fourth grade.


    Language Arts

    • 7 Habits of Happy Kids- I have been using Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in my elementary classroom for years and thought this site would help elaborate on how to use it with youngsters effectively. It helps me reinforce good study habits and leadership skills.
    • DOL - Daily sentence practice, reading, and word sorting 




    Social Studies

    • Relief Map- Click here to look at the state of MI in the form of elevation.
    • Social Studies - This is a fun game that makes learning states a blast.



    Authors/Holidays/ Reading  

    • Illuminate- This is a link to a site we use during standardized tests. 
    • Akiak - This is a link to a video on the story elements of the story about Akiak.
    • Book Flix This is a cool site that really engages the reader. The bookflix selection is excellent for any fourth grade class.
    • 1988 Yellowstone Fire - We are exploring nature as a friend or foe in fourth grade. This is a link to an interactive site found by a fourth grade student named Mariah.
    • Kevin Kammeraad -This is a link to the author of the Tomato Collection web site. He visited Rankin 11-27-07.
    • Johnathan Rand - Read part of a Chiller or check out our school visit at Mr. Rand's American Chillers Home Page. You can also see pictures from Johnathan Rand visit to Carman Park, October 5th, 2004 (look under Authors Journal). 

    • Rand is working with the Flint Journal, publishing a chapter a week in this years paper. Click here to see article.

    • Thanksgiving Games - This website is a site for the Thanksgiving Holiday. You can print out a word search or find out what people are doing around the world on Thanksgiving (because it is a U.S. Holiday). I did not like the pop-up ads but the site but it is still a fun site.

    • Plymouth Plantation - This web site gives you a real good idea about how it was like to live around the time of the first Thanksgiving. Be sure to check out the virtual tours of some of the huts


      Iditerod - Link to the last greatest race.



    Student Suggested

    • www.liveaquaria.com - This link was suggested by Nick. He liked this site because all the information it has on aquarium fish.


    Student Technology Websites

    •  Educreations app - This is the App used to create interactive lessons for our FB page.
      iTunes- This is a link to get Mac downloads including iTunes. It offers many different educational downloads including podcasts and audio books.
    • Brain Pop is a website that we have been using at Rankin to get the latest educational video's.
      •  Khan Academy - This link appeared on 60 minutes two times over the past few years. I think it is an amazing resource. To log in to the website you need a Facebook or G-mail account user name and password. The curriculum offered goes from elementary all the way up to college. Some of my students pointed out the value of having an online resource all through High school and into college.
    • World Book Encyclopedia - Is an encyclopedia that is now used by the Cavaliers. It can be used as a vital resource on research papers or just to stay up to date with the current events. We identified what an earthquake was in technology club.

    • Typing Program ~This is a link to an online typing program. This site is designed to help beginners to people who have been typing a while.
    • Wikipedia - This is a free online encyclopedia that is open to interpretation. This online program stays current by allowing users to edit or post current information about relevant topics. Use with care and always remember to site your sources of information.