• eBooks are available for student check out.  You can search for eBooks in the regular library catalog http://libmed.carman.k12.mi.us click on the Middle School.  
    The eBooks are under the Follett Shelf link under the catalog tab.
    Your user name and password are the same as your regular computer log-in.  
    User name: first four letters of your last name and the last four numbers of your student ID
    Password: six digit birthdate.   
    You can also download the Follett Brytewave App for iOS  devices and Android devices with access to Google Play.  
    Step 1: Logging in to the Follett Brytewave™ App
    a. Download and install Follett Brytewave from the App store or Google Play.
    b. Launch the mobile app.
    c. Enter your User Name and Password.
    User Name: first four letters of last name & last four numbers of student ID
    Password: six digit birthdate
    d. Enter the Follett Shelf URL:http://wbb46956.follettshelf.com
    e. If you are on a private/safe/secure device and want to skip steps C and D next time you access the mobile app, select the Stay logged in check box.
    f. Tap Log In.
    Step 2: Accessing Follett Shelf and Checking Out an eBook
    a. Tap the Follett Shelf icon (books)to go to your school’s Follett Shelf.
    b. Search for the eBook you want to read.
    c. Tap on the eBook cover or the Open Book link, and then tap Checkout and Download Now.
Last Modified on September 10, 2014