8th Grade U.S. History – Course Overview and Policies

    Title of Course: United States History

    Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Worthing

    Course Information: 8th grade; 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 Hours; Room #807; Full year course worth 1 credit

    Teacher Information: Planning Period – 3rd Hour

    Classroom Phone: 810-591-6277

    Teacher email: worthing@carmanainsworth.org

    Prerequisite(s):  There are no prerequisites for this course. U.S. history is required of all 8th grade students.

    Course Description and Overview of Content:

    This Course is a survey of American history starting with a review of Revolutionary ideas (1776) through Industrialization (1900). The Common Core/Michigan standards, benchmarks, and grade level content expectations are followed when pacing guides and plans are designed in our PLC groups.

    Course Goal/Intended Outcomes:

    To teach and assess the U.S. History Common Core required, a basic understanding how the United States Government was developed and how it functioned from the Revolution through Industrialization.

    To have a variety of learning activities providing opportunities for all students to achieve success.

    To have open communication between the student, teacher, and parent.

    To teach students to be responsible for their own learning and to be active participants in class.

    To improve reading, writing, and thinking skills through active participation, guided practice, and individual practice using intentional and differentiated instructional strategies.

    Texts and/or Other Materials:  

    Our current text is History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism online at www.learntci.com. You will also need my email address (worthing@carman.k12.mi.us) to access your account. Student login is: firstandlastname (all lower case no spaces). Student password is: their hour written hour, all lower case, no spaces; for example: firsthour. If a student is NOT ONLINE AT HOME they simply need to CHECK A BOOK OUT FROM THE MEDIA CENTER to keep at home.

    Daily Student Materials – folder, notebook (provided) pencils, colored pencils, 2 pocket folder, and a highlighter. I will do material checks periodically; if students need any of these supplies, I will provide them, they just need to bring them to class daily.

    Format and Activities:

    This is a survey class. We will cover the variety of topics with carried activities. We will have daily warm-ups, vocabulary, interactive notebook questions, and discussions. We will work in large and small groups. Students will be required to read the text, complete a wide variety of assignments and projects. A variety of assessments and differentiated instruction are used to meet the needs of all students. Homework, quizzes, and tests will be assigned.

    Grading Practices and Procedures:

    Grades are calculated on a point system. Students will be given rubrics and directions. Late work will only be accepted if it is complete, and with a parent signature, or if the student has attended lunch homework support, Saturday School, and gotten the appropriate signatures. Late work will NOT be given full credit. Students will be graded on participation daily. Late work will be accepted within one week that it was assigned, with a parent signature.


    Attendance is directly connected to success in the area of academics. It is important to be in school, prepared, and on time daily. In the case of an absence please communicate with your teacher, classmates, and the class notebook so you know what to make-up. It is your responsibility. You are on time for my class if you are sitting in your seat, quiet, and ready to begin when the bell rings.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures:

    We will follow CAMS procedures and rules in the handbook. In our classroom we will be respectful to each other. Specific procedures on how the room will run will be modeled and explained in class the first couple of weeks of school.

    Academic Integrity:

    The expectation is that all students arrive on time, prepared and ready to participate actively on a daily basis. Copying or stealing someone’s notebook is plagiarism and will not be tolerated.

    Technology Usage:

    Our course incorporates the use of technology both in the classroom, as well as the use of our computer lab with each unit. Students can use the book at home anytime online. If you do not have access, check one out through our media center. Some projects will also be completed using technology.

    Other Comments:

    Let’s work hard, and have a successful year together! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and working with you while we learn about our great country!