• Course Overview

    Title of Course: 7th Grade Study Skills

    Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Shepard

    Course Information: 7:55 – 8:51

    Teacher Information: Planning  before school 7:15 – 7:45; during the school day 9:55 – 10:51; after school 3:00 – 3:20

    Teacher Phone: 810-591-6218

    Teacher email: eshepard@carmanainsworth.org

    Prerequisite(s):  Teacher placement per their IEP.

    Course Description and Overview of Content:

    7th Grade Study Skills is a course designed to assist students, with an IEP, in all of their academic classes. The focus is to teach a study skill concept that they will be able to utilize in school and in life. The course is not to be considered a work completion time for them to finish all of their class work.

    Course Goal/Intended Outcomes:

    To improve academic success, organization, test taking skills, studying strategies, responsibility, accountability and time management skills.

    Texts and/or Other Materials:  

    Planner, Folder/binder, Academic text books from all core classes, Notes/activities

    Format and Activities:

    Lecture, media center, group activities, discussion, electronic media

    Grading Practices and Procedures:

    Grades will be comprised from a variety of efforts:

    • Quizzes/tests/projects
    • Essays
    • Class participation
    • District quarterly assessments


    Make up work is the responsibility of the student. If your absence is excused you will have the number of days to make up the work.

    After the 4th and 8th tardy to class the student will be referred  to the office for disciplinary action.

    Please see the student handbook for more details.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures:

    All rules from the student handbook will be enforced.


    Work needs to be turned in on time. All materials must be present. Planners are required every day.

    Disruption, disrespect and insubordination during class or cause for interference to the learning process will be immediately referred to the principal

    Student will be evaluated in 5 areas each day. These include: planner, work completion, daily activity, attitude, and materials.

    Academic Integrity:
    All students should come to class prepared with all materials. All students must DO and take credit for their own work.

    Technology Usage:

    Computers, Power Point presentations, LCD projector