• 7th Grade Social Studies Syllabus ~ Mrs. Kolodin

    bkolodin@carmanainsworth.org  591-6282



    Recommended Daily Materials:

    - Chromebook with access to the internet

    - Pencil

    - Notebook paper

    * You may have times that it will be helpful for you to take some notes to help with an online assignment.



    Geography Alive! Regions and People

    This year we will ask students to read, compare and analyze a variety of graphic elements, including maps, diagrams, illustrations, graphs, and tables of data to better understand the world around them. The course uses mapping labs and essential questions to help students think globally and at a higher level. This program includes vocabulary, map skills, inquiry process, and we will focus on reading strategies throughout the year.



    Our classroom text is Geography Alive! Regions and People. Students can access the textbook online from home by creating a “learn tci” account. I have provided directions on creating textbook accounts on my webpage on the district website, however, I will also use class time and provide instructions in our Google Classroom as class work.



    We have a cumulative grading system so that means the students’ semester grade will be a running total of each marking period. Grades will be recorded in the district-wide Synergy grading software and they will be comprised from class participation and assignments in our Google Classroom like: Google forms, docs, slides etc.

    Grading Scale is as follows:

    A   94-100    A-  90-93

    B+  87-89     B   84-86    B-  80-83

    C+  77-79     C   74-76     C-  70-73

    D+  67-69     D  64-66     D-  60-63  

       E 59 and below


    Grade Access / Progress Report:

    Parents and students may view students’ grades online using the district grading system, Synergy. Parents can use the Parent Vue portal and the students can use the Student Vue portal. Both require a one-time activation code. Many students already have their account activated. Their username is their student ID number and the password is their 8-digit birthdate. (mmddyyyy)


    Work Policy:

    Assignments should be turned in by the due date given. Students who fail to turn in their assignment by the given due date will receive a zero. You will be given ample time to work on assignments. You are expected to focus and use class time wisely. Late work will only be accepted up to a week past the original due date for 50% credit. There will be no late work accepted at the end of marking periods or semesters. 



    Daily attendance is vitally important! Students are to work everyday in our Google Classroom. If a student is absent, they must check the Google Classroom Classwork page and check the appropriate daily agenda of the day they missed class. You may contact me with any questions.


    Classroom Rules and Procedures:

    In our classroom, we will follow the school-wide expectations, Student Handbook, and our classroom procedures at all times.


              CA ROCKS: Carman-Ainsworth


                        Own Responsible Behavior

                        Come prepared

                        Knowledge is power

                        Safety First


                Classroom Expectations:

    • You must sign into our Zoom meetings with your first and last name only, no nicknames.
    • Treat both adults and your peers with kindness and respect.
    • Think before you speak! Inappropriate language will never be tolerated. Speak respectfully about and to others or not at all.
    • Be on time and come prepared every single day.
    • Be an active listener and do not do anything that disrupts or interferes with my teaching or your classmates’ opportunity to learn.
    • Follow the CAMS Virtual Bell Schedule.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions; please speak up if you don’t understand!


    CAMS Virtual Learning Expectations:

    • Students are to work every class period/everyday
      • Teachers will be providing Zoom meetings
      • Teachers will be providing class work via Google Classroom
      • Teachers will be available during your assigned class period for assistance
    • Students are expected to submit work by/on the due date assigned by teacher
    • Students will follow a set bell schedule from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM
      • Students not present during appropriate class periods may be marked absent
    • Assist in 2-way communication with teacher
      • Students are expected to communicate with their teacher(s) daily
        • Zoom/REMIND/Text Message/Email/Google Classroom/etc.
    • Follow appropriate dress code
      • If you are in a Zoom meeting student code of conduct (handbook) dress code must be followed
    • Follow CAMS code of conduct
      • All Carman Ainsworth Middle School code of conduct is expected to be followed Failure to do so will result in appropriate consequences


    Academic Integrity:

    The expectation is that students are prepared and ready to participate actively on a daily basis.


    Copying someone’s work or copying straight from the internet is plagiarism/cheating, and it is unacceptable and will result in a zero for the assignment.


    Remember: If you need help or don’t understand something please let me know.  I am here to help you learn! I’m excited to get to know you and I’m looking forward to a great year!

        In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind!