• 6th Grade Science Syllabus

    Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Kolodin

    Teacher Information: Classroom Phone 810-591-6875.  Email: bkolodin@carmanainsworth.org  

    Materials needed for class:

    • Pencil
    • Folder (to hold current and past assignments
    • Textbook (students will receive a consumable text for each unit of study)
    • Planner (given to each student by the school)
    • Silent reading material
    • Colored Pencils
    • White notebook paper


    • Note – Coming prepared to class is a school-wide rule. You must stay organized with your materials and bring the correct items to class in order to be successful. Periodically, throughout the year, I will do a materials check and this will count towards your grade in the class.


    Students will be given a planner to assist them in developing organizational skills. Students should record assignments in their planner each hour and carry it with them throughout the day.

    • Parents: This planner is a vehicle for you to keep informed as to what your child is doing in school, as well as a way of checking on assignments, upcoming tests, quizzes, projects, due dates, etc. It is extremely rare that I ever collect an assignment on the same day. This allows students to finish work at home and have parents check folders and planners etc. to make sure students are organized.


    Lessons Include:

    • Reading assignments to strengthen “reading for information” skills
    • Labs/hands-on activities to develop concepts and critical thinking skills.
    • Conveying scientific findings and answers in oral and written form.
    • Current events and relating science to everyday life.
    • Homework and investigations.



    Grades will be determined on in-class assignments, homework, projects, labs, quizzes, and test. All assignments are due the following day at the beginning of class, unless specified otherwise, such as with a lab or project.


    If students do not complete work during class time, it is then to be completed at home.

    Work Policy:

    Late work is not accepted. Assignments should be ready to turn in on the due date given when you arrive to class. Students who fail to turn in their assignments on the given due date will receive a zero. If you are absent, you need to read the make-up work folder to see what you missed, at the beginning of the hour the first day you are back in school. You may see me with any questions you have regarding what you missed. If an assignment was due on the day that you missed and you were previously aware of that, then it is due the day you return. YOU must get your make-up work the first day you return to school and find out what day the work is due. It is your responsibility to turn it in to me, at the beginning of the hour, for full credit. If you fail to turn in an assignment after you have been given time to make-up your work, you will receive a zero.

    Tips for Success in Science:

    • Complete assignments and turn them in on time
    • Be organized
    • Study for quizzes and tests at home
    • Reread Science Assignments – more will “sink in”
    • Ask questions!