• Course Overview

    Title of Course: Sixth Grade Writing

    Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Butler

    Course Information: 6th grade writing. Room 234. Hours 1-4 & 6

    Teacher Information: Planning hour is from 12:55 – 1:50

    Teacher Phone: 810-591-6269

    Teacher email: kbutler@carmanainsworth.org

    Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of fifth grade

    Course Description and Overview of Content:

    Sixth grade writing is a course that develops skills in the craft, strategies, and qualities of good writing. The course is structured in a writer’s workshop format where students write daily and regularly cycle through the writing process. Students compose in both narrative and expository genres.

    This course covers such topics as:

    • Personal narratives
    • Essays
    • Fiction
    • Poetry
    • Memoir
    • Research report
    • Grammar concepts

    Course Goal/Intended Outcomes:

    In 6th grade writing, students develop the qualities, processes and habits of skilled writing; students learn to write well and care about writing.

    Students will

    • Develop a repertoire of strategies from which to generate writing topics
    • Write a personal narrative demonstrating the essentials of good narrative writing (i.e. chronologically sequenced, small episode, use of dialogue, etc.)
    • Write a personal essay with an effective expository structure (thesis statement, topic sentences/evidence)
    • Write fiction (such as an adventure, tall tale, folktale or fantasy) that includes elements of characterization, story arc (plot) and internal and/or conflict
    • Write a variety of poetry demonstrating an understanding of voice and imagery
    • Write a memoir that includes reflection and a defined author’s angle
    • Create a research project that includes a research question, a written report and a project presented to peers
    • Read a variety of texts to analyze authors’ crafts
    • Edit of grammatical errors


    Texts and/or Other Materials:  

    Sixth Grade Writing core materials

    • LESSONS THAT CHANGE WRITERS - Nancie Atwell 2002
    • GRAMMAR FOR WRITING – McDougal 2008
    • LITERATURE – Michigan Edition – McDougal Littell 2008

    Format and Activities:

    Sixth Grade Writing is structured in the writer’s workshop format, a research-based delivery style that provides students with opportunities to write each day.

    Each workshop session begins with direct instruction on some aspect of writing, followed by an extended period of time where students write. While students are writing, the teacher conferences with individual students or works with small groups with similar writing needs.

    Midway through the workshop session, the teacher addresses the entire class to remind them of the teaching point from the opening instruction or to share students’ work that has been observed during the writing period.

    A typical workshop session ends with a “share”, where the teacher

    • Summarizes the day’s writing goals,
    • Highlights observed students’ writings, and
    • Provides opportunities for students to have a conversation about what they wrote that day with their writing partners.

    Homework may be assigned, as needed, to extend students’ opportunities to practice the days learning goal.

    Grading Practices and Procedures:

    Students will be graded on

    • Daily writing effort
    • Writing notebooks entries
    • Writing drafts and completed writing pieces
    • Class participation
    • Quizzes and tests over grammatical concepts and writing techniques


    After 3 tardies the student will be warned, then the following tardy will be a write-up.

    Students are responsible to ask for make-up work when absent from class.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures:

    Students are expected to follow the expectations outline in the C-A Handbook. We practice CA ROCKS in this classroom.

    Academic Integrity:

    Each student is expected to complete their own work. Cheating or plagiarism in their writing will not be tolerated. The problem will result in a consequence.

    Technology Usage:

    • C-A MS computer lab

    Other Comments:

    As Writing Workshop is being piloted this year in sixth grade, the English Department may make curriculum adjustments, as needed, throughout the school year.


    “We write to find meaning, to make sense, to record events that matter.”

    Lucy Calkins