• Title of Course: Math 7 (Intermediate and Accelerated)

    Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Baldwin

    Course Information: Intermediate Math: Hours 1-5; Accelerated Math: 6th Hour. Room 711. Students will receive 1 credit by the end of the school year, whether they are enrolled in the Intermediate or Accelerated Math Class.

    Teacher Information: Planning Hour: 2nd Hour. Classroom Phone 810-591-6263.  Email: rbaldwin@carmanainsworth.org  


    To be successful in this Intermediate or Accelerated Math 7 Class, students should have successfully completed 6th grade and it would be helpful if he/she is fluent with their multiplication facts.

    Course Description and Overview of Content:

    ***This year we are beginning our 2020-2021 school year with remote instruction.  Our content will be delivered via Zoom, and each class will meet with their math teacher for a minimum of 2 class periods per week for instruction. The zoom meeting code will be posted on our Google Classroom website.  The Google Classroom code for Mrs Baldwin can be  found under the "Staff" tab of our District website. In addition,  all classroom assignments will be posted daily on our Google Classroom page.


    Intermediate & Accelerated Math 7 Topics that will be covered include:

    • Numerical & Algebraic Expressions/Equations
    • Proportional Relationships
    • Integer Operations (Positive & Negative)
    • Properties of rational numbers
    • Locating rational numbers on a number line
    • Ratios & Rates
    • Area of Polygons
    • Probability

    Accelerated Math will also be introduced to the following 7th Grade material:

    • (4) Basic Operations with rational numbers
    • Inequalities
    • Surface Area & Volume of 3-D Shapes

    Course Goal/Intended Outcomes:

    Students in Intermediate Math 7 will be introduced to all of the Common Core State Standards for 7th Grade Mathematics. By the end of the course, each student will show growth for each of the standards.

    Students in Accelerated Math 7 will be introduced to the Common Core State Standards for 7th & 8th Grade mathematics This is due in part to the fact that some of our Accelerated Math 7 Students will proceed to Algebra in Grade 8, this they need to learn some 8th Grade Pre-Algebra Material. By the end of the course, each Accelerated Math 7 student will show growth for the selected standards.


    Texts and/or Other Materials:  

    • Intermediate & Accelerated math 7 both use the Big Ideas Math Curriculum.
    • The curriculum is also supplemented where appropriate with projects, manipulatives & activities, etc. to extend student’s learning.

    Format and Activities:

    • Class sessions will be conducted through lecture via a SmartBoard, class discussion, hands-on activities & manipulatives, partner pairs for classwork, and student use of an assigned Chromebook laptop computer.
    • The teaching style used throughout the year ensures that each student feels like he/she is in a safe environment in which learning of the Common Core Math 7 or 8 State Standards can be interesting and achievable.
    • Individual student learning styles are addressed throughout each Big Idea's Topic by the various lessons & learning activities that vary from day to day in order to interest all students.
    • Extended learning opportunities include teacher-created projects, manipulatives & activities and the (Spring) Delta College Math Competition that students are invited to attend. Accelerated Math Students are also given extra credit in 2nd Semester for researching & possibly dressing up as a Historical Mathematician.

    Grading Practices and Procedures:

    • Evaluation tools (tests, projects, quizzes, in-class work, homework, presentations)
    • Students are graded according to the percentages as outlined in our Middle School handbook.
    • Incomplete or late work policies: Most of the class assignments are completed on the Big Ideas website, with the due date listed. Students are given a zero for an assignment after the Due Date unless the teacher & student have discussed a special circumstance and accommodation.


    • Students are expected to be in attendance to class each day unless he/she is excused by a parent/guardian. This course follows the building attendance/tardiness policies unless the teacher is notified of a special circumstance by our attendance office.
    • Make-up work should be returned & completed according to the school policy which states that the student can have up to the number of days missed, plus one.
    • Tardies are addressed by using the Middle School Handbook rules. A phone call to a parent/guardian is made after the 3rd tardy, and an I.S.S. referral is given after each subsequent tardy.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures:

    At the beginning of the year, classroom rules & procedures are thoroughly discussed.

    Throughout the Math 7 Course, our classroom will be run in an organized and professional manner so that students can work towards mastery of the Common Core State Standards for 7th Grade Math.

    Academic Integrity:

    • Students are expected to use honesty & integrity as they complete their own work. They are reminded of this expectation many times throughout this Math 7 Course.
    • Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and when discovered, the situation will be referred to the appropriate grade level principal and/or the building principal.


    Technology Usage:

    • Most of the Math 7 Homework is completed on the Big Ideas Math website.  Students are expected to work towards a grade of 100% on each assignment as the website will allow students to redo any problem through the “Similar Exercise” button.
    • Students will use their assigned Chromebook computer as often as possible.
    • Students will only visit the Big Ideas website unless they are directed to research another appropriate websites for our curriculum purposes. Students must sign and return an “A.U.P” before they will be granted permission to use a school computer.


    Other Comments:
    Overall, this Math 7 course is challenging to students and will fully prepare them for any 8th grade math course. Hopefully, students will also develop and extend their love of mathematics because they will see how mathematics is applicable to their everyday life!