• Double Digit Multiplication

    These links also appear under the classroom lessons link. They are located here for easy access to students who would like to get an early start on unit 5. There are actually more links on the classroom lessons page but I created these clips recently.
    The road to double digit multiplication- This clip illustrates the importance of understanding double digit multiplication.
    Single Digit Multiplication by Multi Digit - This clip is one of the first steps to master before mastering multi digit multiplication.
    Multiplying Money - This clip illustrates how important it is to remove the decimal before multiplying numbers.
    Multiplying by Tens- This is similar to the other clip on this site about multiplying with the power of ten but is broken down into a simple segment.
    Multiplying with two zeros in the problem- This clip illustrates the importance of bringing the zeros down to simplify the problem
    Pickle Power - This clip illustrates how you can use a pickle power place holder to help you remember the place holder in a double digit problem.
    Lattice Multiplication - This clip illustrates the lattice method using the same problems used in the pickle power method.
    Partial Products Method - This clip illustrates how to utilize the partial product method with the same problems used in the pickle power clip.