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    Sleep Log

    You are to create a chart using the following headings and keep up with the chart to the best of your ability for 2 weeks.  The required headings:

    1. Date/Day

    2. Time to Bed 

    3. Time Awake 

    4. Dreams 

    5. No. of hours of sleep

    6. How did you feel upon waking up?

    7. No. of naps today 

    8. Energy level throughout the day

    9. Caffeine Intake


    You may use the attached e-chart, or you can create your own log and personalize it to make sense to you.  However, a key must be included so it can be deciphered.  You may add more columns if you desire.  If you were to start on Monday, items 1&2 get filled out Monday night, 3-6 Tuesday morning, while 7-9 would be filled out Tuesday evening, all relating to Monday night’s sleep. 


    After 2 weeks are up, complete the following questions in a paper submitted to Blackboard.  The paper should be in correct APA format (title page w/running head & page number, abstract w/key word line, etc).


    1.  What was your average number of hours slept each night?

    2.  How many dreams did you recall during the 2 weeks?  If you recalled fewer than 8, what are some reasons why you may not have recalled your dreams?  What might you do to change that?  If you recalled more than 8, what might explain your excellent recall abilities?

    3.  Choose one of your dreams, and interpret it using all of the theories we discussed in class:  Freudian, Cognitive, Inuit, Activation Synthesis.

    4.  Compare and contrast your sleep patterns during the week and over the weekend.  How did the differences/similarities in your sleep patterns affect your energy level and general attitude during those periods of time?  Be sure to use examples from your log to support your answer.

    5.  After all you have learned about sleep and circadian rhythm, do you feel like you physically and mentally get enough sleep to fully and actively participate in the events of your day?  Explain.  If you answered no, then what could you reasonably do to change your sleep habits to allow you more/better sleep?  What is stopping you from doing those things?


    Time to Bed

    Time Awake


    No. of hours of sleep

    How did you feel upon waking up?

    No. of naps today + time

    Energy level throughout the day

    Caffeine or other stimulate intake










    My Sleep Log