• NHS Need to Know Dates

    September 9th- Meeting

    September 16th- Meeting

    September 22nd-Inductions Starts at 6. Students be here by 5:30-NO later (Mandatory)

    September 30th-Meeting

    October 14th- Meeting

    October 28th- Meeting and putting boxes in rooms (tentative)

    November 7th- Pick up food (tentative)

    November 11th- Meeting

    November 14th- Pick up boxes-Mandatory (tentative)

    November 15th- Sorting Party- Mandatory (tentative)

    November 18th- Meeting

    December 2nd- Meeting

    December 16th- Meeting

    January 6th- Meeting

    January 20th- Meeting (Hours Due)

    February 10th- Meeting

    February 24th- Meeting

    March 10th- Meeting

    March 24th-Meeting

    April 14th- Meeting (New Members)

    April 15th- Inductions (Mandatory)
    April 25th- NHS Retreat at Chloe Koegels
    April 28th- Meeting

    May 12th- Meeting (Senior hours due, last senior meeting)

    May 26th- Meeting 

    June 2nd- LAST meeting of the 2014-2015 School year

    August 1st- Warrior Dash 6 A.M (Mandatory Fundraising)


    *Meetings will be held in Ms.Waters room right after school.