• Dillon Elementary’s School Improvement Steering Committee consists of principals, teachers, parents, and other staff members.  The committee reviews results from state and district assessments, enrollment trends, demographics, and survey results from parents, students, and teachers.  In response to this information, we have developed our goals, strategies, and interventions. 

    GOAL #1: All students will improve their understanding of vocabulary in all core content areas.

    GOAL #2: All students will improve in written responses in all core contents areas.

    GOAL #3: All students will become fluent in basic math facts.


    Our Vision

    Dillon Elementary staff, in partnership with the parents and community, will provide a quality, safe, and developmentally appropriate education that will ensure all children reach their potential and develop a love for learning.


    We believe….

    ·         In creating a safe and orderly environment.

    ·         That all children can succeed.

    ·         In recognizing and respecting different learning styles.

    ·         In implementing age-appropriate practices to promote active learners and critical thinkers.

    ·         In emphasizing the values of respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness.

    ·         In ensuring that parents have opportunities to be actively involved in every aspect of their child’s learning at home and at school.