Woodworking/Design and Build Expectations




    Instructor: Brian Klein    Email: bklein@carmanainsworth.org       Phone: 810-591-5460




    Course Description: Learn basic woodworking skills, including: measurement, shop etiquette, safe use of stationary, portable, and hand tools, assembly processes and finishing techniques. Student built projects will enhance all learned skills.


    Prerequisites: None


    Goals/Objectives: Students will learn to properly read a ruler and measuring tape to meet precise standards for their projects. Students will learn and demonstrate safe operating procedures of power tools.  Students will learn and demonstrate assembly techniques and finishing processes. Students will utilize knowledge of the prior items to construct a project.


    Text: Modern Woodworking


    Evaluations: Tests/Daily Participation/Warm ups: 40:


                         Student Project: 40%


                         Final Exam: 20%


    Students must pass all safety/machine tests and shop math tests with a 100% to be cleared to operate the machines. If seen incorrectly and unsafely using the machines you can be suspended from working on the machines and given an alternative bookwork assignment.


    Consequences of Bad behavior:  Depending on the severity of the behavior each case will be dealt with individually. I will follow school protocol for all behaviors.  *I will 100% of the time be 100% fair to all students*


    Behavioral Expectations: Enter the shop in a calm manner. Refer to student handbook on tardy policy. Sit in your assigned seats. Immediately begin warm up every day and sit quietly when finished. 


    Cell Phone Policy: NO phones in class.


    No Horseplay


    Please do not talk while I am talking.


    If you would like to share a question or thought please raise your hand and avoid shouting out.


    Silence mandatory for all tests and quizzes.


    Be KIND


    Academic Dishonesty: Due to the hazardous nature of working in a woodshop, academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. If a student is caught cheating on a test or quiz at any time they will receive an automatic zero. They will then have to repeat a new test.


    Upstairs storage: Your class will be assigned a cage, please make sure you write your name on your projects several times so it is very hard for other kids to vandalize it. (Allowed upstairs when I give permission only)


    Please stay out of my office unless I direct you to go get something.


    Always wear shoes! (Injury will occur if you wear something other than shoes)


    Clean up every day, I will assign clean up jobs.


    Code word for Stop, Look, and Listen for any sort of announcement from me. (BIGGY)


    Returning tools to the proper place immediately after using it needs to happen.


    Sub issues will not be tolerated/automatic write up if your name is written down.


    No Paint, Stain, Finish until the project is completely worked and ready for finish.


    If you agree with the above rules, your signature will represent your willingness and agreement to follow the rules for the woodworking shop.