• To access the Collaborative Learning site click on the link below and follow the login instructions.
    Step 1: Login
    •    Enter the login and password that was given to parent and student.

    Step 2: Enter E-mail Address

    • Enter your E-mail Address
    • Re-enter your E-mail Address
    • Click Continue
    Step 3: View Assignments
    • From the Assignment column, click on the underlined  (Show All) # for the class you wish to view
    • You will now be able to view the following information for each assignment for that class: Grade, Score, Max Points, Assigned Date, and Due Date  
    • To return back to the homepage, click Class List from the top gray menu
    Step 4: View Reports
    • From the Reports column, choose the report you wish to view from the drop down menu next to the desired class. 
    Step 5 Logoff
    • Click Logoff when finished viewing and searching curriculum maps.