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    Do not go where the path may lead, instead where there is no path and leave a trail. ~Emmerson 

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     Mr A
    Hello and welcome to our classroom web site. I am a fourth grade teacher at Randels Elementary. This site was put together to help my students and their parents become more involved in the activities that occur in the classroom. I also wanted parents to have access to some of the routine assignments we do throughout the fourth grade. If you would like to volunteer for one of the classroom activities, or have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me an e-mail: banderso@carmanainsworth.org
    Please click here to read the letter of introduction from  Mr. Anderson. 

    2013 Free App's
    Parent VUE 
    ISS Live
    Accelerated Reader
    Early Science
    QRC Elements
    NASA Viz
    Science 360
    Math Edge X (multiplication & division) 
    Fractions & Decimals
    Tiny Countries
    Khan Academy
    Accelerated Reader
    Please be sure to reference these AR books: Accelerated Reader Books (by grade). Click here for Accelerated Reader Books (by title).

    To the Moon
    We have been exploring the Moon, as we utilize the space outside the Mary Ann Raske Media Center.

    Anderson  Scale
    This is an aerial photo of a house that we discuss during our classroom lessons. We also noticed that this house now appears on Google Maps.

    Wild Life Recovery
    Wild Life Recovery
    This is Wild Life Recovery specialist Joe Rogers. In fourth grade we cover animal classification and Mr. Rogers demonstrated how to tell the difference between different types of Raptors, and their roll in the ecosystem.
    Wildlife Recovery
    Owl & Mr Rogers
    If you are interested in becoming a member of the wildlife recovery association please visit 
    You can make a tax deductible ten dollar donation to become a member and help animals (near the top of the food web) in our community.

     Reading Is Fundamental
    Students in Carman-Ainsworth and schools all across the country have enjoyed the RIF program. This program supports young readers by offering them a variety of books at their grade level. 2011 was the last year of this program.

    Free Resource
     Khan Academy - This link appeared on 60 minutes two times over the past few years. I think it is an amazing resource. To log in to the website you need a Facebook or Gmail account user name and password. The curriculum offered goes from elementary all the way up to college. Some of my students pointed out the value of having an online resource all through High school and into college. 
    Please click on the link above to compare Michigan's scores with other states. The NAGB site also offers a lot of other helpful facts about the state of education in the U.S..
    This is another site set up to help  students understand concepts covered in class. This is no substitute for a lesson it is part of the classroom lesson.

    Homework Helper is designed to to be a convenient resource for parents. School assignments are posted here as a helpful alternative when locating the original appears difficult.   The Classroom Links page has a list of really cool online activities including a web quest. We will use all the hyper links on this page to enhance the learning of our curriculum goals. Please make sure you refer to the parent section of our school web page for current information about events and activities at our school. This site is designed for you and your children so please send me your comments and suggestions at banderso@carmanainsworth.org

    This years (12/13) schedule is presented in two parts. Times and activities do change regularly. The class schedule is located here. It has been saved as a MS Word Document. If you have further questions please contact our main office at (810) 591-4605.



    Special Note

    Thanks for your patience as this site continues to develop.

     Read Around the Planet
    iTV 2
    We had a great time sharing our Biography book Reports with Mrs. Goodwin's class in South Carolina. This activity occurred for the 1st time during the 2010-11 school year.

    Everyday Math

    In Carman-Ainsworth we use the Everyday Math by Mc Graw Hill Wright Group. This series is an important tool in our effort toward academic excellence.

    This series has many activities that we do as a class which apply to real life solutions. Below students are using cards to build their understanding of number sense. This is a snapshot into the window of the guided practice part of a learning lesson.

    We also have a list of links on our "links" page which allows parents, students, and teachers more online resources. We also have a list of Study Links on our Homework Helper page. This is a link to the EDM log in page.

          Name that number         Number top it

    Please be sure to use
    multiplication.com to work on your times tables and go to our Homework Helper page to find class activity sheets. Homework Helper has a wide variety of school work listed on it.  

    Magnets and Electricity
    As a class we are learning about magnets and electricity. We came up with a song to help us remember the key vocabulary words of this concept.If you click on the tittle there is a short video of the song.
    Magnets R Cool ~this song is no longer hosted on the site if anyone is interested in the song please let me know by sending me an e-mail(listed at the bottom of this page).
    Save Money & EarthMagnets are cool, opposites attract; Likes repel but I don't know jack.
    Lines of force and magnetic fields are hard to see but they're still real.
    North pole, south pole; the first compass was made from loadstone.
    I love learnin' about magnets because I am not anyones fool.
    The magnetic poles got to be cool.

    Space Food
     Space Food
        Our 4th Grade class wondered how they were able to get the water out of the food for space travel so we dehydrated some apple slices. We learned what permanent change and irreversible change are during this activity. We also learned what a delightful treat they can be. 
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