• About Atlantis


    Atlantis Alternative High School serves non-traditional students from Bendle Public Schools, Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools, and Flushing Community Schools.

    Our goal is help our students reach their fullest potential while they’re with us, achieve their high school diploma and move beyond society’s self-fulfilling limitations to create personal successes in their lives.


    Atlantis Alternative High School is the perfect solution for a student who is behind in credits and needs to get back on track for graduation. Using the nationally recognized GradPoint curriculum, students receive the benefits of an individualized, self-paced program along with the help of a certified teacher to answer questions or re-teach a lesson. This blended learning style supports students to make progress at a pace that allows them to learn and be successful.

    Each student is assigned a Chromebook to use while in school. A teacher is available in every classroom to assist students along their learning journey. Classes and lessons may also be accessed at home using the internet. Post-tests and final exams are all completed in school. Motivated students can earn credits quicker than in a traditional high school class. Students can also take a little more time for challenging courses. Free breakfast and lunch is provided for all students.