• What is FITST LEGO League?

    FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) LEGO League is a program for kids aged 9–14.  Students on FLL teams attend competitions in which they are judged in 4 different categories.

    1.    Robot Performance:  Students build and program a robot to complete a variety of tasks.  They are then given 2 ½ minutes to run the robot.  Students are only allowed to touch the robot while in the starting base.  They must rely upon the programs they have downloaded into the robot to manipulate and move various game pieces.  The team scores points for each successful manipulation on the playing field.

    2.    Technical Interview:  Students give a formal presentation regarding Build and Programming techniques used while developing their robot design.  Students are questioned by judges during this time.

    3.    Research Project:  The team undergoes an extensive research project based on the FIRST theme of the year.  Students then create a 5 minute creative presentation which they present to judges.  Judges question students during this portion of the competition as well.

    4.    Teamwork Interview:  Students are given a secret task to complete.  The team is judged based on their interactions and effectiveness in accomplishing the task.  Judges question students during this time as well.