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    • NASA for kids- This website has become the favorite of the entire class. Ever wonder how much things might weigh on Mars? Go to this website and find out. They have educational games and fun activities for all ages.



    • Pompeii - visit the site of the lost city in Italy. We are discovering the power of Earths land resources in science and this site displays the city that was covered by volcanic ash.

    • Mount Vesuvius web cam - see the volcano that erupted in 79 AD and is predicted to erupt again every 2,000 years.

    • Bay City We will be going to the state park in Bay City and enjoying many outdoor activities. This is a link to the DNR's website. You can find national parks and locate different parks around the state.

    • NOAA - this is a link to real time infrared radar of the entire US. It is hosted by the government or .gov. We cover GEO stationary satellites used to help predict weather in science.

    • Isaac's Storm This site is dedicated to the "Storm of 1900." This storm was one of the worst hurricanes to hit the America's. It taught us a lot about how to prepare for bad weather.

    • Weather.com - This is a site that can give you an hour by hour weather report 24 hours a day anywhere in the U.S.

    • Science Fair Cartoon- This cartoon is an excellent example of how to complete a science fair project. The last few pages of the cartoon gives ideas for science fair projects.
    • www.iwantanimalmagic.com  This is an educational website about animals.  Mr. Mark Rosenthal visited our school and gave a presentation about different kinds of exotic animals. 
    • World Book Encyclopedia- Is an encyclopedia. It can be used as a vital resource on research papers or just to stay up to date with the current events. We identified what an earthquake was in technology club.
    • Brain Pop is a website that we have been using to get the latest educational video's.