• Mrs. Johnson's Official Welcome

    September 2020


    Rankin Fifth Grade Student,



    Welcome to the Fifth Grade at Rankin Elementary! I am Mrs. Johnson and I will be your  teacher this year. This is going to be a very different start to our school year!


    Our first official day to start is Tuesday, September 8.  I have been putting together lot of cool things to get us going! Even though we won't be starting for a few days, there are a few things you need to do first!  We will be using Google Classroom this year.  Some of you are familiar with that, and that's great, you can help the rest of us. This week would be the best time to get into Google Classroom. Use the link below to join!



    Now you should be in! Go ahead and explore a little bit.


    You also have your VERY OWN email account! You will also need to practice using your email because we will be using it A LOT! your email address is:

    (first four letters of last name)(last four digits of student number)@students.carmanainsworth.org. If I was a student, mine would look like this: john1234@students.carmanainsworth.org. Your password is your birthday: mm/dd/yyyy.  So mine would look like this:08211973.  Log in and get used to using it.  I will be emailing you this week!


    I am very excited to 'see' you soon.  We will get through this remote learning by helping each other and being patient with each other.  I am SUPER excited for the day when I get to see you in person!  

    See you again soon,


    Mrs. Johnson