• Ways to get your child to write.
    Lists are a fun way to have your child write and help them organize their thoughts.
    • Make a grocery list
    • Make a gift list for the holidays
    • Make a list of the ingredients needed in a favorite recipe
    • Make a list of their friends in school
    • Make a list of relatives
    • Make a list of favorite TV shows
    • Make a list of favorite foods
    • Make a list of things they know and do ("I can read," or "I know how to play games.")
    • Make a list of games they like to play
    • Make a list of all the 'B' things they can find at home, (1. bed 2. bags, etc.) or pick any other letter.
    Read the list to and with your child, and invite him or her to read it to you!
    This and That
    Writing for a purpose is one way to encourage your child to write. If it's important to them, they will want to write it down.
    • Write a thank-you note
    • Write a note to a pet
    • Write a note to you explaining what they'd like for breakfast/lunch/dinner
    • Write a note to a friend and/or family member
    • Write a note to the tooth fairy
    Other Ways
    • Write a joke (or two or three!)
    • Write the weather report ("It is sunny," "It is snowing," etc.)
    • Write a make believe story ("Once upon a time....")
    • Write a face book ('Dogs have 4 legs. Dogs have fur. Dogs are many colors.")
    • Write a spy journal ("I am watching mom. She is at the table. She is watching me!")
    Read what your child has written to and with him or her, and invite them to read what they've written to you. Let him or her know you can't wait to hear what they've written!
    How to (Directions)
    Writing directions is one way to help your child think in a sequential way, (what comes first, what comes second, etc.)
    • Write how to build a snowman
    • Write how to make a  peanut butter and jelly sandwich, (and then, let them do it!)
    • Write how to answer the phone
    • Write how to be a superhero
    • Write how to do a dance, (an old dance, or make up a new dance!)
    • Write how to fall asleep
    • Write how to eat an Oreo
    • Write how to grow a flower
    • Write how to get dressed to go outside in the winter
    • Write how to eat an orange

    Read the directions to and with your child, and invite him or her to read them to you, and actually do what they say. They may be surprised at what happens when they follow the directions exactly!