• Folders
    Every student has three folders. one that has the letters 'S/C' (Spelling/Center), one labeled 'P' (Planner), and they also have a Friday Folder. 
    Center Folder
    The three centers we do are spelling, handwriting and reading. The spelling and reading work is to be kept in the S/C folder. Each student goes to one of the three centers at least once a week. They all have a spelling checklist that needs to be turned in with their spelling. The center where I teach reading also has work each time. By Thursday every student should have reading and spelling work in their folder and the folders are due every Friday and the work must be completed.
    Planning Folder
    You, as a parent, should see the P folder everyday where the student has work that is done and work that is homework. There is also a planner sheet inside that explains what was done as far as work for the day and possible upcoming tests. This folder is due every morning and all of the work on the "Not Done" side must be completed (unless we're working on a project that may take more than one day).
    Friday Folder
    The Friday Folders go home nearly every Friday, with a few exceptions (short weeks, holiday weeks, etc.). Inside these folders is a short newsletter written by me that includes class tips, upcoming events, student stories, and any help that may be needed in the classroom. There is also a homework paper included. This paper is not mandatory but is always something that a third grader has learned or eventually will learn. Sometimes these papers are a little difficult but I send them home with the intention of doing them together with an adult. Also included in the folder are various things from the school/classroom including: school newsletters, book orders, different events at school or in the community, etc. These folders are due on Monday. 
    Math Homelinks
    A couple times a week students will receive a homelink (that will be in their P folder) that is closely tied in with work that we have done in class during math time. Often the student may need help with a concept/skill. Your child should be bringing home a Student Reference Book (SRB) to go along with the homelink. On almost every homelink there is a picture of a book that has an SRB page number that will help you and your child complete the homelink.
    Reading at Home
    Reading at home is always a plus. The more they practice the better they will become. Anything they want to read is fantastic. I also have plenty of books at school, as well as their media center books. If your child doesn't like to read, find their interest and get books and articles related to their interests.