• bFirst Gradeb


    Bee-havior Chart:

    I do use a card system for the children's behavior. 

    A Green bee -- Great Job!  You are a Busy Bee!

    A Yellow bee--Slow down!  Think about your choices! Conference with the Teacher-Go over Restorative Questions.

    A Purple bee--You need to make better choices!  Go to Planning Room and review Restorative Questions With Ms. Tonya.

    I do ask that yellow and purple cards be signed by a parent and returned the following morning.

    A Red bee--Your final disruption. Students will be expected to come up with a plan to repair the damage done by their behavior. See a principal, go to the planning room or make a call to a parent.

    Lunch:   Our lunch is 12:00-12:45(beginning 9/22/14)

    GAM:   Gym/Art/Music/Science

                       We are rotating every week this year.

                       Our specials time is 2:37-3:31

    Birthdays:  You are welcome to send Birthday treats in for your child's birthday.  If you wish to attend, please call me the day before to arrange a time.

    Book Orders:  Scholastic Book Orders will come home several times during the year.  If you wish to order, please either send cash or a check made out to "Scholastic".  Book orders take about two weeks to come in.

    Library:  Our library time is .... TBD
    Recess:  The children have Lunch recess between 12:00-12:45 after they finish eating. 

    Please make sure your child dresses for the weather.  All children are expected to go out for recess.

    Math Homework:
      Blue Homework folders!!
    The children will have homework most Mondays through Thursdays, it will come home in a blue folder.    Homework is expected to be returned to school the morning after it comes home.
    Children who do not finish homework at home may be sent to the Homework room during lunch recess or have to stay in with me. Homework is an important element of Every Day Math.