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    There will be Math Homework given on Tuesdays and the homework is due on Wednesday.  It will cover skills we have learned in class that the students need extra practice on. 
    These Math Homework pages or "Home Links" will have a link posted on this page in case you need to print another copy or in the event they are sick the day it is given.  If you don't have a printer, they can simply write the problems and answers on notebook paper.
    Also, the students should be bringing home their Mad Minutes (math fact worksheets) daily to practice.  If they passed their Mad Minute it will have a smile face and nothing circled.  If it is not complete in the time given, they circle the ones they finished so they know what they have to complete.  I do encourage them to go row by row because skipping around takes more time usually.
    Thank you!
    Mrs. Sandlin