• Delayed Start Wednesday Schedule

    9:35    Students Arrive

    Students put belongings away, make a lunch choice, turn homework in and take out morning work.

    9:40 School Begins

    Students are tardy at 8:46.  Students are counted absent for the AM if they arrive after 9:45.

    9:40 Morning Meeting

    9:55 Writer’s Workshop

    10:30 Bathroom Break

    10:40 Every Day Math

    11:19-12:05 Art, Gym or Music

    12:10-12:20 Concept Review

    12:25-1:10 Lunch

    1:10 Phonics

    1:25Reader’s Workshop Mini-Lesson/Independent Reading

    1:45Bathroom Break

    1:55 Reading Stations

    If students are picked up before 2:45, they are counted as an afternoon absence.

    3:05 Free Choice (Recess)   Outdoor or Indoor and Snack

    3:25 Science/Social Studies

    3:50 Clean-up

    3:57 Dismissal


    Interventions:Reading Tutors/Speech 2:05-3:05School Bus