Thank you for checking out the Men at W.O.R.K. section of our website!
              Men at W.O.R.K. started 10 years ago here at The Learning Community. Our group didn't even have a name yet, but we knew our mission. At that time fathers were becoming more present in our school either picking up and dropping off their children or coming to our events. Since research was showing us that men and women teach and learn differently. We knew that children needed good role models of both genders to improve their chances for school age success.
              We set out to give ourselves some kind of catchy name so that when guys came to join us they would feel like they were a part of something. We quickly came up with the name "Men at W.O.R.K."  which is an acronym for Working On Relationships with Kids.
              This pretty much sums up our goal. We want to create ways for families to enhance their relationships with each other. The idea is that when this is nurtured, children's success in school will improve. 
              We nurture these relationships through providing resources and information for parents. We have presented workshops on parenting/male involvement at the local and state level. These workshops are for either parents or staff so that they can gain new perspective and tools in the are familial relationships. Of course we do family fun events too.  We do a Father's Day Picnic and a Basketball Game every year.
              Give us a call or come to one of our monthly meetings to find out how to become more involved. 
    Mike 591-7232 or
    Rod 591-7272