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    Room #815

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     and Friday.  On Late Start Wednesdays my planning period is 11:21pm-11:51pm.  On half days my planning period is 9:40am-10:11am. 

    To contact me by phone dial 591-6283.  My planning period is 11:25pm- 12:21pm on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday

    Texts and/ or Other Materials

    Occasionally we will use the Holt: Earth Science textbook to complete assignments. I am unable to give each student a book to use outside of my classroom. Students should check out a textbook from the media center to take home for the year. This will help them complete assignments at home and not have to bring the book back to school.

    Classroom Supplies

    Students will need the following materials:

    • Large pack of pencils and hand sharpener
    • spiral notebook to write down notes from class
    • colored pencils
    • scissors
    • ruler
    • sharpie marker

    Classroom Rules and Procedures

    Any act that distracts the teacher from teaching or the students from learning will be considered a disruption.  Disruptions may result in a verbal warning, a time out, referral to the responsibility room, parent contact, detention and/or suspension.

    Bathroom Procedure

    I do not give out bathroom passes.  Students are expected to use the bathroom during passing time between classes.  I do understand that emergencies occur and some students have special medical needs. Please contact me if your student needs an individualized plan. They must trade the bathroom trip for a tardy as a consequence.  I have found that this policy greatly reduces off task behavior in the halls and “boredom bathroom trips”.

    Grading Practices and Procedures

    Each marking period students will earn points based on class work assignments, quizzes, unit tests, projects and extra credit opportunities.  Science grades are based on total points earned divided by total points offered.  Grades are cumulative from the first making period to the last. All assignments are due the following day, unless I notify students otherwise. Students that are absent on the day an assignment is given will have one extra day to complete it and turn it in.  Students that are absent on the day an assignment is due must turn it in the day they return to school.


    2017-18 Science Curriculum Schedule

    1st Semester

    1st Marking Period:   7 weeks September 5 – October 20
    Review classroom procedures and grading system (1 day)

    Establish classroom behavior contract (1 day)

    Establish norms for whiteboard discussions   (1day)

    STEM Challenge: Design and Build a Tall Structure  (3 days)

    Guiding Question #1 (1 week)

    What happens to matter when heat energy moves through it? 

    Guiding Question #2 (2 weeks)

    How does heat energy move on Earth?

    STEM Challenge: Design and Build an Oven (3 weeks)


    2nd Marking Period:  6 weeks October 23 - December 1

    Guiding Question #1 (2 weeks)

    Why do we have seasons?

    Guiding Question #2 (2 weeks)

    What causes storms and severe weather?

    Guiding Question #3 (2 weeks)

    How do we protect ourselves and our property from storms and severe weather?


    3rd Marking Period:  6 weeks December 4 – January 26 (split with winter break)

    Guiding Question #1 (2 weeks)

    How big is our solar system compared to the universe?

    Guiding Question #2 (1 week)

    How does the Earth and moon move throughout our solar system?

    STEM Challenge: Design a Lander that can withstand a crash landing on Mars (2 weeks)

    1st Semester Exam review and test (1 week)


    2nd Semester

    4th Marking Period:  6 weeks January 29 – March 9

    Guiding Question #1 (1.5 weeks)

    How have climates changed in the past?

    Guiding Question #2 (1.5 weeks)

    How is our climate changing now?

    Guiding Question #3 (1.5 weeks)

    How will climate change impact human populations in the present and the future?

    Guiding Question #4 (1.5 weeks)

    How is science and industry changing the way we live due to global warming?


    5th Marking Period: 6 weeks March 12 – April 27 (split with spring break and 1 week of M-Step)

    Guiding Question #1 (1 week)

    Why do continents look like puzzle pieces that once fit together?

    Guiding Question #2 (2 weeks)

    What happens when tectonic plates move?

    STEM Challenge: Designing Structures to Withstand an Earthquake  (3weeks)


    6th Marking Period:   6 weeks April 30 - June 12

    Guiding Question #1 (2.5 weeks)

    Will there be enough freshwater in the future?

    Guiding Question #2 (2.5 weeks)

    How do we test freshwater to see if it is safe?

    2nd Semester Exam review and test (1 week)