• Carman-Ainsworth Middle School Choirs
    6th, 7th and 8th Grade Choir Syllabus
    Teacher: Mrs. Sue Miller (Please read the following information carefully).
    Choir Room, 6th grade wing, room 238 TEACHER INFORMATION I can be reached from 8:00-9:00am Monday-Friday at 591-7030 or by email at smiller@carmanainsworth.org. You can also leave a message at 591-6869. PREREQUISITES Choir is an elective class. Participation in choir is a choice; students who do not wish to sing should not be enrolled in choir.
    Choral groups meet for one period a day. Daily rehearsals include work on development of proper vocal tone production, sight-reading, rhythmic and technical, studies as well as personal musicianship. The performance of appropriate literature of varied styles and historic periods will be the primary focus of the ensembles. Activities include sectionals, rehearsals, and performances as deemed appropriate by the teacher.
    To provide students with a well-rounded musical education. · To participate successfully in concerts and festivals. · To provide students with a creative outlet.
    The school will provide music and books. Sheet music and music books are the “textbooks” in a vocal music classroom. Students are responsible for taking care of their music and for returning it. Lost or damaged music will result in a charge of $5.00 for sheet music, and $25 for music books. Other charges for lost or damaged materials will be based on replacement costs.
    Choir is an activity-based class. Students will be singing and vocalizing daily. Other instruction may include sectionals, individual performances and ensemble instruction.
    Grading The grades will be determined by the following criteria: 25% Rehearsal Habits 25% Musicianship 50% Performance
    A maximum of 5 points will be given each day and are based on the following criteria. a. Attendance · Consistently present for all rehearsals. · Be on time for class, rehearsals and performances. (“To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is to be absent”.) · Unexcused absences will result in a 0 for the class period. b. Preparation for Class · Be accountable for music, pencils, and other materials and assignments as required for class. · Arrive ready to learn. c. Attitude · Work always to the best of ability in daily rehearsal. · Works hard to always to their best. · Strives for improvement. · Keeps trying – demonstrates positive attitude. · Demonstrates respect for others, teacher and materials. · Conducts oneself in a pleasant and student-like manner. · Be quiet and attentive; stay on task. · No inappropriate language or actions. · No candy, pop, gum, or food. d. Participation · Shows continual development in proper singing techniques, as well as musical understanding and application. · Contributes to class rehearsals; is a team player
    (points assigned are determined by number of questions). a. Includes written tests, quizzes, assignments, papers, etc. b. Group and individual singing. c. Attends sectionals
    (i.e. dress rehearsals, special concerts and events).
    a. Performances are a public sharing of a choir’s accomplishments and are part of the learning experiences and therefore an extension of the classroom activities. This is a major portion of the grade. Concert participation is mandatory. Students who are unable to participate should not be enrolled in choir.
    b. SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCES REQUIRE A TOTAL GROUP COMMITMENT! Please note: Students in choral music are REQUIRED to attend all performance and dress rehearsals unless they are too ill to get out of bed, or there has been a death in the immediate family. Students leaving early from a performance will NOT receive credit for attendance. Other school events are not an excuse to miss a performance or dress rehearsal. Please plan ahead! It is the student’s responsibility to know all the performance obligations.
    c. Excused absences from concert/performance (illness or death in family), can be made up with the permission of the teacher. A project must be completed equal to the time the other students spent at the concert or event. Examples may include, but are not limited to: classroom service, written report, extra performance, etc.
    d. Unexcused absences – This occurs when there is not a valid reason for missing a concert/dress rehearsal or scheduled event. This will result in a 0. No one is expected to be perfect. It is expected that students will do their best and strive for improvement. However, it is a privilege to participate in a performance. This privilege will be denied for the following reasons: · Excessive absences from rehearsal. · Unacceptable behavior.
    1. Student demonstrates superior work in daily rehearsals and is always prepared with music, supplies and written work.
    2. Student works always to the best of his/her ability in daily rehearsals to obtain highest in performance standards.
    3. Student is able to work effectively with the teacher and classmates. Student can work independently, or as a member of a section as needed. Student strives to be a leader.
    4. Student is on time and attentive.
    5. Student always attends after school rehearsals, events and performances. Grading Scale
    A 100-93%
    A- 92-90%
    B+ 89-87%
    B 86-83%
    B- 82-80%
    C+ 79-77%
    C 76-73%
    C- 72-70%
    D+ 69-67%
    D 66-63%
    D- 62-60%
    E below 60%
    Performance attire standards: A unity of appearance should be attained when appearing with a high quality-performing ensemble such as we strive for at the Carman-Ainsworth Middle School. This policy is to encourage a sense of professionalism and team spirit when appearing in public as members of the choirs. It is the responsibility of each member to be in proper performance attire for each performance. Members MUST observe these specific uniform standards and MAY NOT appear with the choir unless the specific uniform is met. Students arriving for performances not dressed appropriately will be prevented from participating in a performance, will be considered absent and will forfeit their concert points. Students need to arrive for a performance with complete attire that is clean, pressed and in good repair. Students need to be neatly groomed. Students with long hair must have it pulled away from the face. Boys: Black dress shoes Black socks Black slacks (NO jeans or cargo pants) White long sleeve shirt (NO tee-shirts) Solid colored tie Girls: Black shoes Natural colored hose Black Skirt (at or below the knees, NO mini-skirts!) or Black slacks (NO jeans or cargo pants) White blouse (no tees, tanks or half shirts, must cover the shoulders) Students unable to obtain the necessary items should speak privately with the teacher.
    Students will be spending time learning about what it means to be a good performer and a good audience. Please help reinforce their learning by discussing the following expectations with them: Never enter or leave a performance while a group is performing. This is very distracting to both the performers and the other members of the audience. Please wait until applause. Performances begin on time. If a student is late they must wait for a break in the program to join their choir. An audience member must wait to enter the auditorium until a break in the program. Cell phones and pagers must be turned off. Polite and respectful students and audiences NEVER yell, scream or whistle during a performance. This is very disrespectful and distracting to the performers. A CONCERT IS NOT A SPORTING EVENT.
    1. Do not leave valuable unattended in the choir room.
    2. Permission should be sought before using school pianos.
    3. The choir room is available for after school practice.
    4. It is the responsibility of the students to know all communications from the teacher.
    5. All school rules are in effect at performances and on trips.
    6. Students are required to attend concerts in their entirety. Do not leave concerts early.
    There will be opportunities during the school year to fundraise. Fundraisers are organized by the Middle School Music Staff and are optional. Profits from choir fundraisers will be used to enhance the musical experience of all Middle School choir students.