• Human Services and Public Administration

    What is the Human Services & Public Administration Pathway?

    The Human Services and Public Administration Pathway refers to career fields and programs of study that are related to economic systems, political systems, and social services and personal services.

    The Human Services and Public Administration Pathway is a broad field and includes programs such as:

    Education                                      Child/Family Services

    Law and Legal Studies                   Mental Health

    Law Enforcement                           Religion

    When can I start to explore Careers in this pathway?

    The Carman-Ainsworth School District offers any elective courses that will help you get a head start in developing skills that you will use in Human Services and Public Administration occupations while still in high school.

    How do I know if this Pathway is for me?

    People who are Successful in Human Services and Public Administration occupations possess some of the following traits:

    • enjoy helping people

    • work well in groups or teams

    • Value the ability to make a difference with their work

    • Possess good speaking and presentation skills

    • Enjoy learning about the way people behave

    • enjoy speaking out for a cause

    • Work reasonably well under pressure

    • Enjoy solving problems

    • Follow directions well

    • Have effective decision-making skills

    • Enjoy competition

    Where can I get more information?

    This is a broad overview of the Services and Public Administration . Information on salaries, training, and employment outlook is different for each career in this Pathway.

    You can find this information by utilizing the following computer programs:

    What careers are in the Human Service and Public Administration Pathway?

    Sample careers in the Human Services and Public Administration Pathway include:

    High School Diploma

    • Beauty Consultant

    • Child Care worker

    • Corrections Officer

    • Flight Attendant

    • Firefighter

    • Food Services

    • Mental Health Aide

    • Recreational/Support Services

    Associate's Degree

    • Civil Services

    • Cosmetologist Management

    • Crime Lab Technician

    • Culinary Arts/Hospitality

    • Law Enforcement

    • Legal Assistant

    • Security Administration

    Bachelor's Degree and Above

    • Anthropologist

    • Counselor

    • Criminal Justice

    • Lawyer

    • Lobbyist

    • Psychologist

    • Social Worker

    • Teacher