• Health and Science

    What is the Health and Science Pathway?

         The Health and Science Pathway refers to fields and programs of study that are related to the promotion of health, as well as the treatment of injuries, conditions and diseases.

         The Health and Science Pathway includes occupational fields such as:

    Medicine Therapy Nutrition
    Dentistry Rehabilitation Hygiene
    Nursing Fitness  

           People who are successful in Health and Science occupations possess some of the following traits:

    • Work Well with and enjoy helping people

    • Are well organized and keep accurate records

    • Work reasonably well under stress and crisis

    • Like being given responsibility

    • Are willing to learn and use new technology

    • Have an interest in how the human body works

    • Enjoy and do well in science and math classes

    • Like working with their hands

    • Understand and follow directions well

    • Have effective decision-making skills

    • Can follow established procedures


    When can I start to explore Careers in this Pathway?

         The Carman-Ainsworth School District offers many elective courses that will help you get a head start in developing skills that you will use in Health and Science occupations while still in high school.

    Where can I get more information?

         This is a broad overview of the Health and Science Pathway.  Information on salaries, training, and employment outlook is different for each career within this Pathway.

         You can find this information by utilizing the following computerized programs:

    What Careers are in the Health and Science Pathway?

    Sample careers in the Health and Science Pathway include:

    High School Diploma

    • Clinical Assistant

    • Dental Assistant

    • Dietary Aide

    • Home Health Aide

    • Medical Office

    • Nurse Aide

    • Orderly

    Associate's Degree
    • Emergency Medical Technician

    • Industrial Hygiene

    • Licensed Practical Nurse

    • Medical Technician

    • Pharmacy Technician

    • Occupational Therapist Assistant

    • Surgical Technician

    • Veterinary Assistant

    • Biomedical Electronics Tech.

    Bachelor's Degree and Above
    • Chemist

    • Chiropractor

    • Dentist

    • Nurse

    • Pharmacist

    • Physical Therapist

    • Physician

    • Veterinarian

    • Biomedical Electronics Eng.