• Engineering and Industrial


    What is the Engineering and Industrial Pathway?

    The Engineering and Industrial Pathway refers to career fields and programs of study that are related to the technologies necessary to design, develop, install or maintain physical systems.

    The Engineering and Industrial Pathway includes programs such as:

    Architecture  Manufacturing and Technology
    Drafting Mechanics and Repair
    Engineering  Production and Construction
    Robotics Electronics 

    How do I know if this Pathway is for me?

         People who are successful in Engineering and Industrial occupations possess some of the following traits:

    • Think and solve problems in a logical manner

    • Have good hand/eye coordination

    • Enjoy work that is detailed

    • Like to take things apart and put them together

    • Are good at math and science

    • Are curious about the way things work

    • Can follow detailed diagrams

    When can I start to explore Careers in this Pathway?

    The Carman-Ainsworth School District offers many elective courses that will help you get a head start in developing skills that you will use in Engineering and Industrial occupations while still in school.

    Where can I get more information?

    This is a broad overview of the Engineering and Industrial Pathway. Information on salaries, training, and employment outlook is different for each career in this Pathway.

    You can find this information  by utilizing the following computer programs:

    What careers are in the Engineering and Industrial Pathway?

    Sample careers in the Engineering and Industrial Pathway include:

    High School Diploma

    • Auto Body Technician

    • Carpenter

    • Climate Control Mechanic

    • Computer Repair Technician

    • Machine Tool Setter

    • Roofer

    • Security System Installer

    • welder

    • Electronics Technician

    • Auto Repair Technician

    Associate's Degree

    • Auto Repair Technician

    • Building Construction technician

    • Chemical Technician

    • Computer-Aided Designer

    • HVAC Technician

    • Pipe Fitter

    • Surveyor Technician

    • Electronics Technician

    • Heavy Repair Technician

    Bachelor's Degree and Above

    • Architect

    • Automotive Engineer

    • Chemical Engineer

    • Computer Analyst

    • Computer Programmer

    • Construction Management

    • Mechanical Engineer

    • Surveyor

    • Electronics Engineer