• Arts and Communications

    What is Arts and Communication Pathway?


    The Arts and Communication Pathway refers to career fields and programs of study that are related t humanities, media arts, literary arts, technical arts, performing arts, and visual arts.

    Arts and Communication is a broad field  and includes programs such as:


    Creative Writing  
    Film Production



    Public Relations

    How do I know if this Pathway is for me?

    People who are successful in Arts and Communication occupations possess some of the following traits:

    • Work well with people
    • Have artistic and creative abilities
    • Enjoy using computers and technology
    • Possess the art of persuasion
    • Have effective communication skills
    • Want to be part of a team
    • Take on a leadership role on projects
    • Have good eye/hand coordination

    When can I start to explore Careers in this Pathway?


    The Carman-Ainsworth school district offers many elective courses that will help you get a head start in developing skills that you will use in Arts and Communications occupations while still in school.

    Where can I get more information?

    This is a broad overview of the Arts and Communications Pathway. Information on salaries, training, and employment outlook is different for each career within this pathway.

    You can find this information  by utilizing the following computerized programs:

     What careers are in the Arts and Communication Pathway?

    Sample careers in the Arts and Communication Pathway are:

    High School Diploma

    • Floral designer
    • Hair Stylist / Cosmetologist
    • Musician/Composer
    • Sign Painter
    • Typesetter

    Associate's Degree

    • Artist
    • Camera Operator
    • Commercial Artist
    • Fashion Designer
    • Graphic Designer
    • Jeweler
    • Photographer
    • Technical Illustrator

    Bachelor's Degree and Above

    • Actor
    • Advertising
    • Commercial Artist
    • Journalist
    • Language Interpreter
    • Musician/Composer
    • Teacher
    • TV Production Director
    • Writer/Editor