• Testing 1-2-3

    Preparing for tests should be done:

    A. Alone B. With Friends

    C. By Quizzing Yourself D. All of the Above


    If you answered “d,” you’re correct! Help your middle

    grader learn this three-step approach to success:


    1. Organize study groups with classmates to make review time more effective. Students can compare information, ask questions, and refresh their memories by discussing their notes and quizzing each other. Hold several short sessions (about 30 minutes each) to keep thinking focused.

    Note:  Suggest that your child seek out students who work hard, rather than just asking close friends.

    2. Create study guides using class notes and textbooks. Watch for facts and names in bold or italics, along with what the teacher emphasized in class. Highlight and underline the most important information.

    3. Make up tests, and create answer keys. Take your own test at home, and then swap sheets with study buddies for more practice. Also, find online quizzes to take when working by yourself (“Google” the keywords you’re studying).