• How do I Help My Middle Grader Transition to the Middle School? 

    Summer is almost over, and some of you have kids transitioning from elementary school to middle school. What parents can do to help prepare those kids for that significant transition?

    • Each middle school student needs a planner the first week of the school year. Get into a habit of checking that planner each and every day.  Students should be expected to write down what was done during each class, homework, and up-coming tests and projects. Hold your child responsible for this task.
    • Create at least one hour of time for homework each night. After checking the planner, help your child prioritize the work. If your child does not have homework (or forgets his/her planner) use the hour for reading, writing, or enrichment work. Create the habit of studying now.
    • Call and e-mail his/her teachers. With the technology we have at our services, communication should be an asset. Many parents communicate with teachers weekly. Staying on top of what your child is doing is important for making a good start in middle school
    • Allow your child to make mistakes. Nothing great has ever been achieved without first there being a mistake. A poor grade, missing homework, etc. have natural consequences. Use this as a learning experience and discuss with your child ways to avoid this in the future.
    • Be involved. Join the Parent Club.