• Creating Your Own Review Video


    What you’re being asked to do?

             –Pick a topic that we have already covered

                      •Pick a song that you feel can go along with that topic
                      Find images to go along with topic

                      Include information on the topic covered in class

                      Make sure you save pictures to your computer!


    How are you going to do this?
                –        Easy way I personally have done this: **Windows Movie Maker**
                –        Can also do this in power point…
                        •         You can put a timer on your slides so that they transition automatically (like a video)
    What you need to include?
               –        School appropriate and topic appropriate song
                       Title Slide including name, date, hour, teacher, and topic being covered…
                       At least 10 transition slides containing typed information (I’ll show my examples)
                       At least 20 images (relax it is not that hard) (can also put in video clips)
                       References  (you should document who the author of the song is, and where you found your images)